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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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I've been doing some research into the NH90 bird and it seems that it acctually is a completely different helicopter than the Merlin. We are also struggling to find good enough pictures of the NH90 to model it so its put on hold for the time being.

The EH101 Merlin is made by AgustaWestland (EH101 = European Helicopter Industries 01 -- someone misread 'I' for '1' at an early stage of the proceedings), NH-90 is made by NH Industries (i.e. Eurocopter + Agusta). Merlin is 50% larger than the NH-90 -- most of the Scandinavian helicopter contract went to NH-90, but the Danes opted out because they needed the EH101's extra power and spare engine for SAR over the North Sea.

For pictures of the NH-90 see http://www.nhindustries.com/page7.htm and http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/NH90.html

Both Merlin (UK, Italy, Japan, Canada and bidding for USA) and NH-90 (France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia, Portugal) are picking up a lot of sales, so would be useful to have available in a mod.

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@ Chems: it's pretty similar to the tecnique I used for the CV model. I rendered side, rear and top shots of both hull and turret and put them into the same base texture in Photoshop, did this with normal and wireframe renders. Then I mapped the vehicle onto it to get the mapping correct. That's when I started putting in additional layers with detail ontop of the old renders, digital photos and for some areas a blueprint. It was only a matter of smoothing out the joints between the different layers then and painting in the parts that were lacking in detail.

@DWG, Sweden did opt for the NH90 and I think we ordered 18 of them in total, 13 of the TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) model and 5 of the NFH (Naval Fregate Helicopter) model. These are to replace our aging fleet of Hkp3 (Agusta Bell 204B "Huey"), Hkp4 (Boeing Vertol 107) and Hkp11 (Agusta Bell 412 HP). And you might just still see this bird in the mod depending on time and luck, we have all the picture material we need of it now :ph34r:

List of swedish helicopter types that have been, still are or will be in service.

Hkp1 (Vertol 44A)

Hkp2 (Sud Alouette II)

Hkp3 (Agusta Bell 204B "Huey") Still in limited use for transport

Hkp4 (Boeing Vertol 107) Still in use

Hkp5 (Hughes/Schweizer 269C)

Hkp6 (Agusta Bell 206 Jet Ranger) Still in use

Hkp7 (Kawasaki Vertol 107/II) Still in use, although its designation was changed to Hkp4C (pretty much the same bird as the Hkp4)

Hkp8...........never fielded, cancelled due to change of requirements

Hkp9 (MBB BO 105) Still in use, although in a training role instead of its original tank killer role.

Hkp10 (Aerospatiale AS332 M1 Super Puma) Still in use

Hkp11 (Agusta Bell 412 HP) Still in use

Hkp12 and Hkp13 are yet another 2 cancelled projects.

Hkp14 (NH-Industries/Eurocopter NH90) Still waiting for the first bird, planned for 2005 shipment

Hkp15 (Agusta A109 LUH) First bird has just been delivered

Hkp16, reserved designation for a possible attack bird. Sweden's looking at the following birds to fille the role: Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow, Boeing RAH-66 Commanche, Eurocopter EC 505 Tiger, Agusta A129 Mangusta och Atlas CSH-2 Rooivalk. (Kinda old info though)

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At the moment I think we have inbetween 14 and 16 missions planned, no idea how many of them that will eventually make it into the mod though.

And the story line is based in the former Yugoslavia where un-known :ph34r: forces have started acting in destabilizing the region. The govenments of the different republics call on the EU to step in with its rapid deployment force to once again settle things down.

And speaking of the next vehicle in line, I've just finished off its mesh and its ready to be textured.


Mercedes Benz 290 GD "Geländewagen"

Weighing in at just over 3000 polygons and has a fully modeled interior.

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Looking good as always Snow.

On the missing helicopter types, Hkp 12 was actually a plan to by UH-60's. But as said it was cancelled. I don't remember what Hkp 13 was supposed to be but there was talk about attack helicopters during that phase as well. All that actually came out of that round at the HQ was the Hkp 11.

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Thanks guys.

I have to say that the real deal when it comes to that car wasn't one of my favourites to drive though, the one I've driven suffered from a hopelessly underpowered engine. Swedish army went cheap and bought the standard diesel model instead of the turbo diesel model, started getting the turbo ones lately though.

And the story about the Hkp13 is acctually pretty simple, acctually there are 2 different explanations to it (No one knows what one is the correct one). One is that during evaluation of what requirements would be needed for the Hkp13 sweden got in with Norway, Denmark and Finland to purchase a similar machines, this caused the requirements to change so drasticly that a new designation was needed for the new bird.

The second explanation is simply that Sweden skipped the number 13 out of superstitial, number 13 is an un-lucky number :blink:

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It sure did mate, and you know exactly how long too. ;)

For anyone else wondering it took approximately 5 hours of effective time, spread over 2 days, to get the model up to that stage. About half the time spent on the exterior and half on the interior, interior proved to be a major pain in the rear to model.

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OK, now where is that blushing smilie when you need it. You know I'm not THAT good mate, your easily as good as I am. Can't wait to see what the Agusta Bell 412 will look like in your capable hands.

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Unfortunately it will take alittle longer before we can show off any helicopters...we can however show off the latest addition in landbased vehicles. :rocky:

It's something the Swedish army has been testing for a little while but that to date isn't fielded, might never be fielded with the cutbacks the army is suffering at the moments. The testing is mainly focused towards our Airmobile brigade and if fielded it will be used as a light supply hauler.

Polaris Ranger 6x6 ATV


2100 polygons in total.


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He he he.... I always think of golfcarts on steroids when I see them....

exact my thoughts when i first saw the pic. should be funny seeing two ghosts sitting in the front of it. very nice job, i`m pretty curious to see that vehicle textured and ingame... :thumbsup:

do you have some "real" pictures of that "golfcart"?

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Slightly different model to the one I have done, this is an older version of it as far as I know. And yes, its pretty much just a golfcard on steroids...got to be a pretty fun thing to run around in though! :devil:


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Golfcarts!! :D

should be funny seeing two ghosts sitting in the front of it.

These aren't Ghosts my friend, they're 3rd Cavalry Regiment, airborne batallion!! *says something in Swedish like the Counter Strike crazy guy* :P

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