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SWEBAT 2005 - Progress Thread


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All right... It´s time to start with a progress-thread here and well, look at these goddies!

PROMOPOSTER-SWEBAT2005_02thumb.jpg *klick to nelarge*

Pistol 88 (the Glock 17)






Ak 5B (Sharpshooter weapon)



So far, the weapons are SnowFella´s doing, and I´m responsible for the skins.

(I know that many of you already have seen the weapons, but I thought it would be better to keep ´em all inte the same place!)

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As I wrote before, looks good. The only thing that bothers me is the light brown color of the harness. I think the new harness is greener and a little darker. Not as dark as the uniform but still darker then on these shots. I know this is a little problem with the IGOR engine as all textures gets brighter when they are in game then in Photoshop.

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Yeah... you´r right...

The problem is that there doesn´t seem to exist two Stridsväst 2000 in the whole army that have the same color...

But that IGOR makes it look lighter... I thought it was some one that had altered my screen...

Ok. Darker and a bit more olive dab... comming up!

Thank you Wolfsong!

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I´m very impressed by the screenshots... I will gladly try this one during some of my pauses (can´t mod 24/7 you know) :o=

@Every one else

I think that I have fixed the color on the Loadearing gear...

I just need some time to implement the changes on my other chrachters and the let´s see what it´s worth (but I like it!) :thumbsup:

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Well...as Tollen promised in the thread in the weapons modding thread here's our first specialist weapon. Pretty happy with the texture but it might need alittle tweaking, flat out of time for tonight though so I'm posting it as it is atm.

Same AK5B as before but with its nightscope attached (Simrad KN200)




Hope its good enough :yes:;)


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What I thought was a simple paint-and-dry job turned out to be a total remake of the textures :angry:



I have to admit to that the old vest is a bit on the shiny-side so this was just what was needed... what do you people think?

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As its been fairly quiet in this thread lately I thought I'd post alittle update. Another AK5 model has been finished! :D

This is the updated AK5 C with an Aimpoint sight specially built for the swedish army. (This gun is still going through testing with selected units and might look different in its final configuration.)



& to show off the sights even more ;)


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Thx guys! :D

Always nice to get positive responses! Especially sine I in a way hate making new models, I always have a feeling it will come out looking like crap! :unsure:

@ Streinger: I'm not up to your standards mate....yet ;) Love the work you are doing for Operation Stabilise!

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At last... Now I have something to show for to! :santa:

Let me introduce some of the guy´s in SWEBAT (click to enlarge!):


camo.gifSkyttesoldat (Eng. Rifleman)

The Rifleman is the "meat-and-potatoes" of the swedish Airborne Batalion, trained at the 3:rd Cavalry Regiment (K3)


The Radioman is the Airborne Batalion´s link with the outside world and he have also recieved specialized training as a Sharpshooter with the Ak 5B, fitted with a SUSAT-sight.

icon3.gifPionjär (Eng. Demolitions)

The 'Pionjär' is a ranger with the swedish Airborne Batalion (3:rd Cavalry Regiment K3) who have recieved specilized training in demolitions and mines.


:o=Stadsskyttesoldat (Eng. MOUT-Infantry)

Trained at the Royal Guard (Livgardet) as a member of swedens specialized urban-infantry.

Ranger.pngKustjägare (Eng. Costal Ranger)

The Costal Ranger is trained at the 1:st Amphibious Regiment (AMF1) for infiltration and reconosance on enemy-held shorelines as well as all-out amphibious assaults.

camper.gifPrickskytt (Eng. Sniper)

Military Sniper, trained at the 4:th Cavalry Regiment (Arctic Rangers K4) and specialized in longrange target interdiction and infiltration.



Member of the swedish police´s national anti-terrorist unit, dispatched to SWEBAT to act as a liason and to train local policeforces.

:devil:Klaus Henkel

Liasionofficer from the German KSK to SWEBAT.

:nono:Military Police

Military Police, trained at the 1:st Cavalry Regiment (K1), and dispatched to SWEBAT to investigate reports of ethnical cleansing.

And take my word for it: These mean, green, military, figthing-machines takes names and beats just about any one and anything! :thumbsup:

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As always, it feels good that people appreciates all the hard work!

Just because of this, I will break into the vault and pull out some classified material for you:

Featured for the first time ever in a swedish MOD: MARKUS, the swedish equivalent of the american Landwarrior!


Most of the stuff regarding this fella is classified but you´ll love to have this warrior on your team when we releas the MOD :devil:

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