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Hi guys,

Ok, well I guess I owe everybody an explaination of what happened to our mod "SAS Evolution". Shortly after the final update, as was stated on the website, I went away on Holiday for 3 weeks. Upon returning from holiday I found the guy I was hosting the website with had sold his hosting affiliate package onto his friend, who im afraid to say was not exactly helpfull about letting me continue hosting with him....so, after a few days of frenzied emailing and a big argument he terminated my hosting...this is when the website went down...complete with all my files/forums/mailinglist/news etc etc etc...

Shortly after this, my other team member (my artist/modeller/concept art) got a full time job with a games company, and dropped out of the project.

This just left little old me on my own, with an absolute mother of a mod to complete single handed. I had spent the past months up until I went on holiday desperatley advertising/asking/begging for help from the community for a coder and mapper to assist me, but to no avail. So, after deciding that it would have been a hard job with just 2 of us, I kind of made up my mind on the spot that I could not build this mod alone.

So, this is the story, It is a shame as I believe that it had the potential (at least concept wise) to be a really playable mod, but this is the way the cookie crumbles...and Im afraid to say (as you have all long since gussed) that "SAS Evolution" is dead!

However, if there are any seriouse modders out there that really liked the concept and think the mod is worth making, I am more than happy to hand over ALL the research and work that I have done on this game so far. I would still like to have a small hand in the development (perhaps as consultant or researcher) and I would still like to be credited for its initial concept, but apart from that, I am more than willing to hand over everything if somebody or a team think they could make this mod happen.

Anyway, sorry to dissapoint everybody. It wasn't really a matter of biting off more than we could chew, had my team stuck around, one or two extra people had joined in the positions i advertised for and had my website and all the files not dissapeared into thin air, im sure we could have completed it, but unless your name is Baja Bravo :P making a mod single handed (especially something on the scale of SAS Evolution) is a major deal!

I just want to say thanks for all the community support that we recieved on the way, everybody was really behind this project. And I also want to say thanks to the guys that helped me research (sorry dont remeber your names guys) and also whoever it was that donated a couple of models we recieved.

Ok well, hope this clears some quesitons.

All the best


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Thanks for the Update Fortran,pitty tho it looked promising...........still I too am a one man band and know how difficult it can be at times,and thats just for weapons and chrs.luckily I have my little protege Chems who adds his excellent reutation to some of my stuff!!!

Chems are you thinking of what I'm thinking?

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Thanks for the update Fortran. I was looking forward to this mod but i guess it just wasn't meant to be. :(

Btw, how much did you do?? Maybe you could just release the stuff you already did to help other modders?? :)

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Thanks for the update, pretty sad story. :(

If you posted details of what you had accomplished so far, maybe a team might come together and at least salvage something that could be released.

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Ok thanks guys, appreciate the sympathy :D

Well, here is what we have, after searching through my backup of the project, im sad to say there is alot of stuff missing. Half of this was lost in the big ftp hosting calamity and some (like the nice photorealistic digital face textures) was taken by my team mate when he left. We were only a short way into the development by the time all this rubbish happened, so the little work there was has been cut down even further.

So this is what is actually left....(be warned, its not alot!)

Models: M16

SigSauer P266

Skud Missile Launcher

unfortunatly my Vicars Skyvan and the TurboMentor models were also lost :(

Maps: Pebble Island (very very beta!)

Website: Ready made website with most of the pages still intact (not much I know, but it saves some time as a template if nothing else!)

And Im afraid thats about it for actual non-design items. The benefit to taking this mod on as opposed to starting from scratch, is that there is quite alot of research and the planning stage is allready finished.

Basically, the concept is all in place, the missions are planned and the research is pretty much complete. It's really ready to build.

As I said, if somebody does decide to take this on then I will hand over what there is and help them to get started with the variouse bits and pieces. All I ask in return is that I get some sort of acknowledgment of concept creation in the final release, but apart from that I just really want to see this mod finished (as do a lot of people it seems)

Anyway, if there is anybody brave enough to have a go at taking this on then let me know. Im just sad that all this happened and I never got to build this mod myself....

All the best


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