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M4 Armoury by Argyll

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M4 Armoury by Calum Keen aka Argyll


File size: 5.1mb

Required: Ghost Recon

Reviewed by Chems


M4 Armoury is exactly that, every possible M4 variant you could possible think of. The list is endless, M4 M203, M4 Masterkey, M4 ACOG, M4 Holo, M4 Ironsights the list goes on. Not only is every type of M4 represented but each has variants with different sights and attachments like ANPEQ2. It is massive and has every type of M4 you could possible want. The only one that wasn?t in there was the M4 C-mag which would have been cool for Support guys. Calum has his reasons for this which is that he?s never seen the use of the C-mags by special forces.


All the models in this mod are exceptional, as you?d expect from Calum Keen. I had the pleasure of looking at the files in 3dsm format and the poly counts aren?t too high. This doesn?t mean lack of detail. The poly count is low enough so that you can equip your team with every possible accessory from Silenced M4 to M4 CQB with out slower systems suffering from lag. Now if there isn?t enough models for you then look in the models folder and you will find a sub folder. In there you will find more models which Calum didn?t include which you can mod in your self.


Now as a CHR modeller and skinner textures are Calum Keens strong points. As many of you modders may know simple photos are used to make the textures. This isn?t just the case for this mod. Calum has arranged all the textures onto as small as canvases as possible to minimize load times. The textures are of photo quality and are mapped to perfection on the weapons. Calum has even gone to the trouble of making alternate textures for Desert and Jungle. With the Skinner tool by Mike Schell you can map these textures on to the M4s you want and blend into the jungle or desert.

Kit Icons

To help you see which weapon has got which attachments Calum managed to con someone into doing them. The kit icons all reflect the attachments which are on so you can select your solider in game easily.


The sounds in this mod are the default Red Storm ones except for a few of the silenced ones, which were donated, and are very good.

Known Bugs/Issues

One of the know bugs is that the kit restriction file M4 Armoury doesn?t work in Multiplayer. There currently is no fix for this and I believe it to be one of these Ghost Recon bugs which you have to re make all the equip files to fix. The other bug is that the shotgun reticule doesn?t always work. This is easily fixed by going in to the Masterkey equip file and copying the ret settings from the M9 pistol over the shotgun ones or a ret of your choice.


A very solid mod by a professional and seasoned modder. It should have something for everyone seen as he took every request the community made. It is immense fun to play with all these and make sure you watch the replay to see your weapon doing its stuff. My personal favourite is the M4/M203-SD Iron Sights with ACOG and ANPEQ2. I give this mod a 9.5/10 because it?s a solid good fun top quality mod that I recommend should always be on along with Standard Upgrade! Good job CK! Look out for more work by this guy!

Eye Candy:



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Good Job Rocky on this find. I love the M4, for tight situations just don't face me with one of these babies. :nono: lol

Good to be back online and seeing you again Rocky!

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Well, that blows since I use 3.1

Are there upgrade files online? or is it just at the 3dsmax homepage, where I can't seem to find it.

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I'm not sure I'm following what you can't do here?

I don't think there a difference between weapons made on 3.1 or version 5,its the qob file that dictates the model.

Max 5 I believe is stand alone and you cannot upgrade from 3.1,tho don't quote me on that!

You also cannot open qob's unless you have a tool to do so,and if you do,then I'd advise against opening other modders files,without their express permission,as this can lead to accusations of model theft!

From the quality of your aimpoint you don't need other guys stuff,you've got the talent,to do it by yourself!!

If however there's something you're looking for in particular then PM me,and I may be in a psition to help.......maybe!

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Hehe, I know I got the talent, just lazy sometimes :)

Though it does make a difference when trying to manipulate an object in 3.1 vs. 5.0 Upwards compatibility is not what they thought of, so I'm kinda stuck unless it's saved in something like .3ds

But I do need specialist weapons, may just download the mod instead....

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I think what Eric was trying to say was he wanted those other guns in 3ds format so he could play with umm. As Calum said there .qob so your not gonna be able to extract umm. Your best be is to ask Calum if you can include the exisitng weapon in your mod.

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True, just too many to choose from. Honestly (and no offense Argyll) I don't use the M4 in Ghost Recon because that's my duty weapon. While I don't get to play with the attachments, it's hard to get excited about something you see almost every day.

But don't worry Argyll, I'm downloading the mod :)

And I should be asking soon on what types to use.

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The thing is that as an FO, we don't fire our weapons that often, except for qualifying. Reason being is that we weren't deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom (but Peacekeeping is on the horizon). So for me to compare it in game wouldn't be honest. What I can say however it's nice to carry around. However in some cases it just seems that some weapons, like the 249, are less accurate than what they should be.

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