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White-Skull Valley


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Allright, another question. In that preview shot on the front page of this site, it shows the road leading up to the bridge. Looks great. I had a question about how you dealt with the merge from the tiled grass texture to the road texture. One thing I notice often is how the edges of a texture like that, though they're grassy, always create hard lines because the texture doesn't "line up" right with the composite texture of the rest of the grass. I can't really tell from the shot, but I wondered if you had any tips for blending that transition, to prevent those hard lines from standing out.

Is there some way to get it to merge right? Or do you just try to make it as similar as possible to the composite texture so that the line doesn't stick out?

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This is something that's inevitble with this method.

I have this "problem" too and I tried to fix it as good as possible by creating a texture using both textures that meet up.

I simply merged one texture on top of the other and deleted one half and saved it out as a seperate texture.

On long distance it seems like the textures blend in with eachother but if you get close to it, you will always see the edge. WSV has it too.

Another way to fix it would be to use very plain textures. RSE actually does this.

This makes it much easier to go from one texture to another because it's featurelless.

I also figured out a third way to solve it and that one is probably the best way but I'll keep that one to myself as I'm gonna use it with White-Skull Town. (can't give away ALL your secrets that fast ;) ).

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LOL..nice of you to register and reply to me then.

Thanks! ;)

@Chems: if you fancy making a battleship, then I might have just the spot for it ;)

Oh and while you're at it: a subwaytrain would do nicely too :D

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LOL..you said to holler when I needed someting, so here I am.

No problemo though..I'll make the battleship and subwaymetro...should be good practice.

But I got to finish texturing the map first..the geometry is all layed out.

It's humoungous! :unsure:

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Here are some progress-shots:

WST10_s.jpg WST11_s.jpg

WST12_s.jpg WST13_s.jpg

WST14_s.jpg WST15_s.jpg

The streets will ofcourse have pavements and a road section.

That stuff will be made as soon as all buildings have been textured.

If you look at the first screenshot , you can see the different quadrants:

  • Bottom-Left = Town harbour (with it's storage facilities and dockings)

  • Bottom-Right = Science Centre (with the tall, modern offices and extravagant sculptures)

  • Top-Left = Ghetto (small confined areas with lots of passages and alleys and some buildings to enter or go on top of the roof).

  • Top-Right = Town Park (outdoor recreation-area with cityhal at the base)

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As long as it can still get good framerates, then this map will be unbelievably awesome. I have never seen a better opportunity to use Chem's little bird he just gave to the community.

I was looking at that first picture and after a while I tried to zoom in like I was looking at it in 3DSM. :)

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As long as it can still get good framerates, then this map will be unbelievably awesome.

It stands at 10350 polygons now. So it should be OK.

It will increase ofcourse as I gradually add detail.

But I will do some smart portalization to avoid dropping FPS.

Also the maximum distance will be aprox. 100 meters, which will avoid FPS-drop aswell.

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I can't believe the geometry and texturing only took you a few days deleyt. That is positively amazing work. You're a true artist. :thumbsup:

Thank you. :D


1) Is the WSV map completely finished now?

WSV is finished for 90%

The only things that need to be added are objects to fill the rooms to make it more alive and the additional objects that are required for the mission-objectives.

Some small bugs need to be fixed aswell, but they are mainly cosmetics.

2) Around how many of those structures will be enterable?

In the town? I haven't decided yet, but I think each quadrant will have at least 2 or 3 buildings where you will be able to enter.

Also some buildings will be able to go on top of the roof using an outside emergency-stairs.

At least..that's the plan.... ;)

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Can you make an enterable Aircraft Carrier and place in that harbor (if its big enough to hold it)?

Nope. The sea is outside the commandmap-area and the harbour only holds smaller ships.

Outstanding d!  Nicer than a night out with Cameron Diaz  :rocky:

Get your priorities straight...Cameron goes on top (and how she does... :devil: ):lol:

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I can't believe the geometry and texturing only took you a few days deleyt.

Really? Map shells are easy Commando.

Look at the first image in the upper left. 90% of the shapes are simple Max primitives. Its a matter of a few mouse clicks to put them down. In the initial construction phase, its not uncommon to have less polys than a rifle or a vehicle. Applying textures to shapes like these is also simple. They're aren't too many funky uv's that have to be tinkered with. Everything is at 90 degree angles.

The part that bogs the artist down are all of the little objects that need to be constructed. Some of the detail process is automated and you can clone them (lampposts, trash bins, cars, phone booths, etc.). Other items will have to be unique.

It all depends on the interior buildings that the artist wants you to have access to. Is it going to be an office, bank, bar and grill, apartment complex, etc. ? Each of those interior environments would require unique items to set them apart. I'm sure deleyt's mind is spinning with ideas similar to what I mentioned.

I think its safe to assume the creative process of the layout (the 2d reference image) and preparation of the textures took much longer to do than placing a few objects. The progress will slow down once he starts on the interior rooms and begins to add all of the ambient features to make it a truely believeable environment.

From the images displayed of WSV, I have full confidence that the team will do an outstanding job. :thumbsup:

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That's correct.

Making the 2D plan for the city-layout and selecting the textures (or manipulating them) takes most of the time.

The initial geometry to extrude the 2D plan into 3D is fairly simple and straightforward.

Texturing is probably the most intensive thing now. Not the complexity of it really, but to make use of the available textures in such an effective way that another building using the same texture isn't actually the same building.

So, trying to avoid repetition.

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