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White-Skull Valley


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OK guys. Here we go:

In an combined effort to make a map that's low on polys, has the same quality as the original GR-maps and is playable at the same time, Zeko (SRS) and me have started a project called: Wilderness Castle.

You can get the early-stage pictures of the castle at this link: Wilderness Castle

It's just a solid model in 3DSM and has no textures yet.

Some of the features that will be included are mentioned aswell.

EDIT: The mapname is a working title right now. It can change in time and will be notified in this forum.


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I hope you consider an open policy when it comes to releasing it. I mean I would like to include this map in the community mod more people can get access to your map.

As long as we give credit to you I don't forsee a problem. What are your views?

Also, a 400x400 map version would be better in my opinion so players would have a more enjoyable time.

Also, also, lol umm........please test the inside areas for potential lag. For some silly reason when more players are in a tight space lag is increased. I for one can't understand why would that be.


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@ Kamikaze:

The map is made 200x200 (aprox.) to ensure that gameplay is flowing. A map of 400x400 is simply too big and you would be running more then you want to.

@ Suicide Commando:

True, the textures will make the map much more vivid. We already tested some, but it's simply not ready for release. The geometry is our main focus right now. At least one SP mission will be included (done by Zeko) but probably a couple more will follow.

@ Stalker_Zero:

We do have an open policy for releasing the map. This includes (at least for my part) releasing the geometry (3DSM) so others can benefit from it. The release will come a couple of weeks later then the actual map though.

The map will be tested intensivly on lag, glitchingspots, bugs or improvements before release. This is not gonna be a map with 100.000+ polys, so it shouldn't lag. We know that the original castlemap (included in the DS-cd) uses aprox. 34.000 polys. Our aim is 40.000 (the castle as it is now uses aprox. 3700!).

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We started one week back from now. I reckon putting the details in and the texturing is gonna take a lot of time to get things right and the object-tagging will take some time too.

So my wildest guess is in about 3-4 weeks from now.

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LOL..sure thing..if we don't make it, I'll send the source to you and you can finish it :P

EDIT: pictures of the tunnelsystem will be released in about 4 days from now (geometry).

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WOW! Beaucoup SWEET! :P

Keep taking your time, and finish it well. It looks to be real classic in the making.

ps.....It looks much more like a 'wilderness outpost,' than a 'wilderness castle.'

And we already have 3 (or more), so called, 'castle' named maps.

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Guest Cruusher

I like castles, or any structure like it. Good CQB experience and that tunnel system will be interesting as well.......Looking forward to it's release!!

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To date I have had several donations of maps for the communtiy mod.

ossetian woodlands (by battleborne)

dedust (by ripperr6)

traffic jam (by hartog)

night conversion of Stronghold (by Cthehammer1)

mytoan sniper custom alteration *still in the works* (original map by K1ller and alteration to be done by Immoraltwo)

Your castle will be another great addition to the community mod. Showcasing the best of all the modders out there. You gave us permission to include your map and I can't wait to see how it turns out. :thumbsup:

Keep up the great work. :punk:

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