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'Hacker Hunt!'


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Well, as I said after the crash, I would make a 'Find The Hackers' Mini-Campaign. (3 Missions, maybe 4).

So far my plasn are this -come on, it's only a joke mod, nothing for the serious player-:

-Modified SP Kits. Makes all SP guns availible in every slot with unlimited ammo. Perfect for taking out those pesky hackers. Dual M60s would cause some damage. :devil:

-Make the hackers unarmed. Who believes in a fair fight? :devil:

-Use three different maps for each mission. Variation

-Give the hackers their own pathetic uniform.

Again, I intend on making this for fun. Soemthing to do when the player gets angry. :)

However, if I get enough responses saying it should be more realistic, I can do that.

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Quick name change. Sorry to throw anyone off.

@KNM, I believe it was you who suggested it.

I also intend on having it so this mod incorporates the community (in some way shape/form) seeing as it all threw us off for a bit. And we all want vengance. :devil: Thus why I started my other thread.

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What a cool idea

Now we can lose some aggression on the ###### hehe

Only the idea I like, I'm not actually gonna play it (not even DL it) because I'm only interrested in the reality of the game.

but still cool idea, if you can make em look like nerds with glasses on hehe

put some in buildings behind a desk (hackin ghostrecon.net hehe), till you shoot him

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