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I hope it does bro. One other thought here. Does your vid card support dual monitors? If so, plug in your CRT and get some fragging in to clear your head before we have to put you in a rubber room with a straight jacket and a pacifier !

Walk away fron the LCD problem for a day or two. Sometimes when staring at a problem too hard and too long, you lose sight of the solutions.

Also, try hooking it up with the S Video or composite cable instead of the VGA cable and see if there is a difference.

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Phantom, dear chap,

Hey friend, don't take it so seriously, I'm just kidding. I will admit to becoming just a little pis*@x off with this colour corruption problem. I've looked at every aspect I can think of, in both system graphics and GR setup and I just don't see where the problem is and I can't get ma head around why it's only GR. It's got to be a GR setup or software condition.

BTW, good suggestion(dual monitors) but this LCD takes an analogue input only (standard 15 pin)

My graphics card does not support dual monitors either but I could easily plug the CRT back in if desperate. I am realising why this LCD was a good price. There's not many options on it but it'll carry me through till better technology arrives.

Thanks, Mike.

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I hear ya bro. The better tech is here now, its just that us working blokes cant afford to touch it.

I dont think its a GR problem per se, maybe just the way the video card translates the GR Engine or something to the LCD. Im out of ideas mate.

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Hey, Phantom,

I just had a message from a guy who's just experienced exactly the same problem on a similar system spec but on a CRT!!!! He says he was in multiplayer and ALT&F4'd out and OS crashed. His colours were bugge&@* when he rebooted and he can't find a fix.

Interesting, innit?


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BIG THANKS to Scuff.

He mailed me with same colour corruption on his CRT!!! He's just mailed me that he remembered he'd messed with colour correction/gamma in nview so he restored defaults and the problem has disappeared.

I've just restored defaults also and my problem has disappeared. YES!!!!


I'm back in the frag.


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