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Would you buy another expansion?

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Of course.

But it would suck if the all of the mods made before the expansion would have to be tweaked. Like with IT and patch 1.3/1.4(IIRC). :o=:wall: I'm sure if they do any work to the engine that the old mods would have to be redone. I would like to see some more scripting stuff added to igor too.

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well let me be the first to say NO!


I'd buy another expansion too, but it ain't gonna happen.


wow, I just noticed suicide commando & Rocky posted almost the exact same response, word for word on the first and third page Scary. ;)

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Mmmmm yes pleaseĀ  ......as long as it was a WWII retro game based on the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem with the AI as the 9th SS Panzer Division.....imagine a fight for the bridge and urban fighting around Oosterbeek. Blimey....did I just say all that out loud?

OMG!!! I just noticed.........'nobody' has posted the exact same response, word for word.......at all.......lol

Is it just me that would like to see an Arnhem mod? :(

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LMAO DS....and to answer your question.....yes.

yeah i would buy another one....but to elaborate on all the "spookieness" i doubt we see it because... i dont think too many would buy arctic, we have FROSTBITE!!!, and with RvS i doubt they would put out urban, so without going into space or middle earth, i dont see too many options left... :huh:

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You have entered a place where time and dimension stands still, You have just entered the GR zone. :ph34r:

doo doo du du doo doo du du.... :phe4r:

That smiley always makes me think of some guy with long shaggy hari holding up his hands.... don't ask.

It is't going to happen. lol. :D (HA! Not word for word, lol)

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i too would buy another expansion in a heartbeat. but what would it be about? IT was about island/jungle warfare. DS was about desert warfare. FB, even though its not an official one i still think it to be one, was about snow warfare. any you guys have any idea where it should take place?

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I definitley would like to see a good heavy jungle with areas of quality tall grasses, or a heavy forest with snow environment, and with tall grass in the meadows, on an expansion. Neither of these have been done very well (IMO).

Snow maps, above the tree line, or arctic,... and low elevation deserts are, of course, the short cuts around making difficult, believable maps, because they require so much less detail and texture for the ground. And its way too much, I think, to expect real quality of these more difficult environs, to come from public modders. But it should be expected from Red Storm.

ps.... did we get some new smilies? :rofl::-" :thumbsup:

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