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Would you buy another expansion?

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Mmmmm yes please :D ......as long as it was a WWII retro game based on the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem with the AI as the 9th SS Panzer Division.....imagine a fight for the bridge and urban fighting around Oosterbeek. Blimey....did I just say all that out loud? :o:o:o

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In a nutshell..YES!!! I would most definetly buy another expansion pack..even if it would bring nothing more then new SP campaign on new maps....

I wouldn't mind a huge upgrade of the game engine, though...something that would incorporate all the features the players wish to come with GR2.

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I'd buy one in a heart beat :D

Like the lady said "all I need to know is where they are"

As an online player of too many years experience, GR is still the best 'adult' game. Well apart from that other 'adult' game ;)

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