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how to unlock the other weapons

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I have ghost recon and the ds on my mac and I have ghost recon on my xbox, I have tried doing the things it tells me to do on my xbox, to unlock the extra weapons for the speacialists on my mac version and they do not work, does anyone know where I can find out what i have to do on my mac to get the extra weapons or if they are not available on the mac version


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No I looked at what you mean by the MP weapons, it must just be on the x-box version. The weapons in the MP are the same execpt one, are the weapons I'm talking about. On the x-box there is a list of fifty things to do to become a general, a number of these things to do is to un-lock additional weapons kits for each specialist like the brizon and the m60, once un-locked these kits can be used in campaign, single player quick missions and co-operative or multi-player missions.

I tried doing the same things required on my x-box on my Mac version and it didn't un-lock the weapons, so I was wondering if there is something you can do to un-lock them or if they can only be used in the MP part of the game, thanks anyway.


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You need to add the - As Yet - Unlocked Heroes ( Specialists ) to Your "unlocked_heroes.xml" File in the Main Program Folder of "GR". Unlocking Them will open up the Weapons They use as well and make Them available to all Game Types and Modes.


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