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question about special objective

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I have two questions concerning desert siege for Mac, 1, when I play the mission where the special objective is to secure an inteligence item in order to un lock a specialist I do the mission in record time and do all the other objectives, I get to the place on the map the inteleigence item is suppose to be but nothing happens, I even kill all enemy which usually automaticly completes all objectives. But I either end the mission without completeing the special objective, or I wait around and get the message the inteleigence item has escaped. Does anyone know what I have to do to secure this inteleigence item.

Question 2, I am aware from other posts that there are only four specialists on DS but a post tells of a way to un lock all the specialists is this able to be done on mac too?

Thankyou for your time

the bold twin

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Yep - you have to retrieve the intelligence item within a specified time - so its best to do that objective first. Its in one of the two buildings - make sure you move around the lower floor and the objective should complete.

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