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pic. of me and my ak47.


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Anything pre ban is legal for general public ownership, with the exception of full auto.

It is still possible to legally own a full auto rifle in the US, it just requires a special license from ATF and a very thorough background check, as well as a chunk of change before its granted.

High Cap mags are also still legal in the US to buy and sell, as long as they are pre ban.

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Here's some bits from my collection.

Arisaka Type 38 This is a Japanese service rifle my grandfather brought back from WWII. Means a lot.

SKS Has a stripper clip in the top of the action. Also, note the rear peep sight and refinished stock. I got rid of that awful orange varnish they put on them.

Ruger 22/45 Best .22 hangun ever made imo.

Gun Rack Shows some assorted guns, names are in the pic.

I'm also looking to add another one to my collection later this summer. I've been considering a Mini-14, building an AR-15, and also a Mac10 (semi-auto) carbine in 9mm or 45. Right now the Mac10 is in the lead, mainly do to price, looks and the fact that it's pretty unique.

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ruger 9mm p89dc and the other is a ruger .45 p90dc

they look just alike.

i always wanted on of those ruger .22 pistols! how much they sell for nowdays?

is a mini 14 as accurate as a colt m16 type gun? close? i see the ruger mini 14 at wal-mart for $450 i belive. and an m16 type rifle cost over $800 around here!

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I've heard they aren't quite as accurate, Cajun. I'm sure they can get some good groupings, but a decent AR15 can get 1/2 MOA. Mark II Rugers go for about 300 - 400 dollars generally, btw. I've always wanted one with a Integral suppressor, perhaps one day.

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In a good gun store, you should be able to get your hands on a stainless ranch Mini-14 (most expensive model) for $425~ Although they're only tested for 2" at 50 yards (4" @ 100), the guys who fool around with them have discovered that adding a muzzlebrake or flash suppressor will change barrel harmonics and cut groups down to 2" or less at 100 yards. If you want an AR-15 target contender, get an Mini-14 from these guys: http://accuracysystemsinc.com/

For an AR-15, you can cut the price down to around $500 (depending on the options you want) if you buy a reciever and assemble one yourself from a parts kit. For the reciever, see your local FFL dealer and have him order a stripped one ($130+) from Bushmaster, Olympic Arms, Eagle, DPMS, etc. After that, order a kit from someone like this: http://model1sales.com/ Also, be fully aware of what the rules are for Assault Weapons when choosing options and assembling one. You can easily make an illegal weapon thanks to the AWB's stupid rules. People who do these kits, routinely get around 1 MOA.

As for the Ruger .22, I still have the receipt from back in 1997 when it was new: $167.95 :) I think you can still get them now, depending on the model, for around $200-250. Also, in case you're wondering, my 22/45 is the exact same thing as a MKII, they just put the barrel and reciever on a Zytel frame that simulates a 1911 grip. The traditional one is shaped like a Luger.

Piccolo, if you're 21 and own a Ruger already, the conversion to an integral suppressor shouldn't cost much more than $300-400. The hardest part is waiting to get FBI approved and having the local police department sign off on it. This can take around 6 months or more. Then you pay the $200 tax fee and it's yours. At least you can convert new guns into suppressed weapons, unlike full autos. It's illegal to make any of them after '84 for consumption of the general public, which is why one will cost you anywhere from $2500 to $30k, depending on the model

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