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help!!! [what does the W,S,E,L mean]


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The W,S,E,L stand for weapon, stealth, endurance, and leadership. It simply gives a rating to a single player AI character in each of those catagories. And according to his rating in each the game tries to give the character those abilities either greater or inferior according to the numbers he is given.

In a campaign a character is usually awarded a new point in one of the catagories if he successfully completes a mission. That way he will be a better fighter in the next mission. If you are curious and are able to fool around with the files you can go into the folders and find the file of someone. And manually add points to his profile.

But I don't usually bother.

And also, since you don't have the manual........here a link to a direct download of a copy of the ghost recon manual....in .pdf format. Have fun its a great game!

p.s. since the url links on this site doesn't seem to be working your going to have to copy the url address straight into your browser. And here it is...

[Moderator Edit: Direct Link fixed (need to %20 the spaces)]

GR Manual

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W, S, E and L are attibutes for each soldier.

W is weapon and how well the soldier uses it.

S is stealth and how quite and capable of staying out of sight each is.

E is endurance and is how many hits your soldier can take and survive.

L is leadership and is how well he commands or takes orders.

You can have a max of 8 points per soldier per stat. Now for every 3 points in leadership one man has, the whole team "gets" one point, tho you will not see it on the list.

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