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Looking for a West Coast Clan

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Are there any good west coast clans out there? I've been booted from three different clans due to lack of participation, the problem is, I live in Hawaii which is 6 hours behind EST. Since most clans practice or meet around 7 or 8 PM, I'm still at work and obviously cannot attend. The best I can do is look for a clan of players maybe from California or somewhere else in that area where the time zone difference is only 2 or 3 hours. I'm a very good and dedicated player. If a certain clan suits me, I will participate. If ther are any recruiters out there for clans that help me, please respond. Thanks!

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Try Tactical Gamer. We've got Euro's to Aussie's, and there is almost always at least one of our 6 full-time GR servers very busy until the wee hours every night. (I live in the Northwest).

We play using very set teamwork SOP's and voice comm's, and we take the game pretty seriously, and most of all, we have more fun than anybody.


Check out the GR forums there, and you'll get a feel as to what we are about.

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