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So close yet so far...a faulty gold pack

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yeah u can say im urinated, i had to go to 3 stores to find it and it cost me $100, the fault is that the Desert Siege disc has the [Ghost Recon] on it instead of the map pack, IT works fine though. im going back to the store tomorrow to get it replaced. :angry:

IT: damn Polling Center is real good, i had a quick look through multiplayer on lan doing recon, when i played it i felt like i was in Clear & Present Danger.

the SOCOM is pretty awesome too, i bet everyone uses that instead of teh oicw now huh :lol:

can't wait until i get the real DS tomorrow :(

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On Elite, the challenging missions are Stone Bell (3), Battlefield? (8), Vilnius (10) in GR, and Polling Centre and Priego (8) in IT. Great fun. Download the mods, especially Frostbite. Welcome to the addictive world of GR.

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