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M16 vs AK47 Game - Date and Time


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I'd like to get about 10 - 12 people for one massive firefight.

For those who don't know, what we've done recently is play on the Creekbed Map with Primaries only. Blue team has the M16 (or M4 depending) and the Red team has the AK-47 (or 74 depending). We also enforce a "no crossing" rule on the creek bed to keep teams from getting wasted when they spawn again.

I'd just like to see who all is interested in this for the date of:

July 5 @ 5PM EST / 10PM GMT

GR/DS/IT with No NV mod (see below).


Blue Team








Red Team



SAF Camel








If you think you can make it, let me know. :D I will not host, or find a host, unless I know that there's enough interest. Thus the point of the roster! :D

I'm open for suggestions on the map so it's not all "picking off." The idea of a night map with no NVGs sounded good to me. :D

You will need this NO NV mod to join! Just extract to your Mods folder. :D (It's a 22K Download, I think we'll all live).

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depends on when it is cos i'm going away on sunday till the sunday after :( (and i'll have VERY limited internet access and no games :blink: ) are there cases of withdrawl symptoms from GR? :wacko:

If i can make it i'll be on Blue with my M16 :o=

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@Dannik, if memory serves you have a 3M connection correct? If so I'd like to get in touch with you. :D

3 megs down... only 640k up, I'm afraid... <sniff>

I'd be glad to chip in if I am around to do so. Just keep Rocky from shooting me in the butt again. :lol:

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I've also got FNG_DRx's Map Pack V2.0 installed, which is server sided. It adds night/snow/sandstorm/etc versions of virtually all the maps in GR/DS/IT, so if I do host, there's a slew of night options if we want to try something different.

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