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This is a post to help all modders find various resources (including my self) to do with whatever they may want to find, from camouflage samples to weapon statistics via web sites.

Please post the web site URL that you would like to share with the community.

Here are mine:



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All are great sites,though l find if you send a polite email to the manufacturers.

Sometimes it pays well.Last one l did l was after info on the ALVIS SHADOW & sent them an email. They asked for my address & week later l got paperwork from them with specs,photos etc.

So a nice email goes a long way sometimes ;)


Steel Bonnet

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For anyone interested in suppressors, these are as good as it gets. A suppressed .50 BMG? A belt-fed LMG with a suppressor that doesn't get louder as it gets hotter? Preposterous?

Read on:

Ops Inc

Don't miss the video section.

Here's a nice video of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqHvuLZmMwE.

There may not be much modding info to get out of this other than a realistic idea of just how well even the largest calibers can be suppressed. Some ideas on skins as well, no doubt.


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