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Why won't the baddies follow their path?

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I've been working on a mission for a little while now, using the map from mission 4 on GR, and I've got a bit of a problem at entry level. I've got a company of twelve Russian soldiers that I want to march from the west of the map, along the road to the bridge, turn south then go wait at the bridge for a while before joining their Russian buddies and kill the UN.

I've got my paths drawn out, but every time I stay up till 5am switching between GR and Igor, repositioning the path and the troops, they still just stand still at the points on the map I placed them. They react to being fired upon, and will come to me if they see me, but they just won't follow the path laid out for them.

Can anyone tell me where I might be going wrong? :huh:

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:blink: Ok ,,,, here it is for the patrol all working together..lol

Though my experience of Igor ,,*[/cough],, anyways you have your team "1"

or whatever you have named them ok ,,now as you select your team "actors"

when you still have the actor tree open you assign the "default " plan which consists of your plan for them to have when starting out or if there hidden to begin with ,you need to create the plan under the trigger's selection,,,***

a plan needs like the movement ROE,,,pace if walking or running,,,alertness level ,,if he'll have genades and such ,,weapon selections and the rest of the goodies,,"if the path loops or back-tracks the path entirely..wherever you create the plan you'll need to mention it in the script of the mission,,"make reference to the plan "what trigger's what to happen ,,If you want them to start from the beginning walking the path ,,In the start-up block you'll add the team execute "blaa blaa" plan at this time ..If your patrol doesn't move then you have not successfully implimented the script,, yeah there's probably alot more to say on this keep it simple.



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Just give them a path; thats all. No ROE's no PACE no nothing. A plain and simple path works very well in many missions.

What your problem can be there is hard to say coz you doesn't post your script (at least the part of it that moves that specific platoon).

Normally - when a team won't move like that there is something very small you have oversees. A detail probably.

And yeah I know you already have got help. Consider this more for future reference for the library. :D

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they are all right as a IGOR real dummie

after all actor are palced(6) will actor still high lighted click plan-then


Combat ROE+Suppress

Movement ROE+All Cost (not really ness.)



this should work

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