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Mediterranean Style Map


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That is a valid arguement. However, I would bet that most people aren't going to be satisfied with merely adding to someone else's work. I know for myself, the interest is merely to expidite the learning process. I can figure things out much faster from reverse engineering them usually. Once the lessons are learned there isn't much more to offer from appending someone else's work. I do see it as a great way to ensure the posterity of your work. Perhaps you decide to quit modding for GR, if you had released you max files, your work could be added to and improved in the future, thus providing you a place in GR history.:rolleyes: I hope ya'll see my point. :)

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I havnt played this map but I can say just from looking at the screenshots that it looks really cool. I love it when someone who is relatively new to the community just pops in with some awesome piece of work.


hey buddy whats the deal? Everyone wants to argue with you.

Not to flog a dead horse here, but I agree with the whole not posting your max file. Its always the no talent, lazy ###### that complain that there shouldnt be anything wrong with taking someone elses hard earned work and calling it their own. This rediculous arguement is as old as modding. Modders do everything for free and a lot of times the quality of their work surpasses that of the actual game developers. The least you could do is respect their wishes by not hocking their work. I dont know about you but I feel like I should have paid money for Frostbite. That mod doesnt even belong in the mod catagory

@whoever said isnt this like stealing from RSE. well lets see here...I bought and paid for gr, and both expansion packs. included in those were tools for modding. I have also exchanged personal emails with two of the game developers about models im working on. So its quite clear that they are all for people modding their game. Now I know of modders who have released their work for people to use for free, but you know most arent like that.

The funniest thing about this too me is that most modders are nice enough to donate work provided they get a simple acknowledgement in the mod, but their still bad apples who refuse to do this. How hard is it to take 5 minutes to type up and email.

LOL ohh well, im done here.

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Thanks for your comments guys.

I'm in the process of cleaning up the geometry in the map.

The street, harbour and building detail are completed and ready to be merged into the map. I hope to have it finished and in the hands of a scripter pretty soon. :)


Dugites GRJunk

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Great pics, thanks for your trouble mate, they'll do the trick nicely. Theres not a rear shot to go with them is there?


Glad you liked it. But don't expect it to soon. Still a long way to go.

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Nice map. It has some problems though. Most of them have been covered. Here are two that I don't think have been mentioned. Back behind the some of the buildings there is a desert area, it looks really rocky but isn't. There are two problems back there: 1) the textures used for the ground look great from far away, but not as good up close, more detail would help. 2) there is a light colored area in the corner (It is supposed to be part of a cliff.) that you can walk through. I have screenshots of all the problems that I found if you want to see them. They might be clearer than what I said. If you want them, let me know, I will e-mail them to you.

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Thanks for your comments Ryan.

I have just removed the link to the 1st beta map as it is almost near completion.

I think I corrected the cliff face. It had so many problem areas I can't remember what was fixed.

Its running sweet now and up around 50,000 polys.

Its not perfect but its fun.

Thanks again to all who reponded, your help has been fantastic.


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