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Accdg to GR.NET Website, its ZJJ's 47th.

Something is broke with the counter <_<

Thanks, Cpl. :wub: I like to think of it as 29 with 18 years experience. LOL

Thank you to John and Riley, as well. I am working today; however, I had a great weekend leading up to today. Those that know me know that I work two jobs and somehow I was off from both jobs for a long weekend without me having to request the time off! The down side is that I was feeling "old" when I realized that I was knitting to relax and made me think of a stereotypical old lady knitting. <_<

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Happy birthday to me GTX1080. 

Happy belated birthday rocky I missed it all was away we had massive party plans Thanks for all the work you continue to put in to support great games and keep like minded people in tough I imagin

Happy Birthday Rocky ... !!!  

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Zeealex and Nightcrawler,

You aren't late, yet! Let's not rush me into my next birthday too quickly. :P

No, I haven't been posting much and am not actually online much, either. :( Working two jobs is taking its toll on me. I could use a sugar daddy for my birthday, if anyone knows of one. :rofl:

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Happy Birthday, Alex! :bday:

Since you only turn 16 once, you have my permission to take a break from the forums to enjoy your day! :lol:

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