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Wildlands Game progression!

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Hello all.

I'm new to this game, and really having fun with it. But I'm not progressing to killing the Bosses. I find the game rather confusing, and would ask do you have to complete full missions before you get to the big guys, or can you just take a few out ant time?  I've got my weapons sorted, and plenty of points in hand, just need a little help/advice on getting on with the game please?  I'm not after game tips, more how to get to the end of it really?

Thanks all, I know this is old hat for a few of you, but its all new to me at age 70+. 

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It has been awhile since I played.
When you open the map and right-click on a province it will show missions in that province either completed, available or locked.

Do the available missions and it will unlock missions to take on the lieutenant (not sure what term the game uses) at some point.
Not positive but I think it starts you out in one province and you must complete all missions before another province becomes available.
With the map open, if you scroll out with the scroll wheel all the way it will show the hierarchy of the cartel, all the lieutenants and the big boss El Sueno in the center. A padlock icon means the mission or boss fight is not available.

There are a multitude of Beginners Guides on YouTube.
I had a link for one but it blocked me from posting it. (Something about WordFence?)
This was the name:
Beginner's Guide to Ghost Recon: Wildlands (+11 Bonus Tips!)

I am 70+ and enjoyed the heck out of Wildlands single-player.




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