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Desert Stealth Recon is out!


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Yep that's right, Desert Stealth Recon is out! Grab it here


1) You need BOTH Island Thunder and Desert Seige installed and activated in order to play this mod.

2) You need WinAce to unzip this mod. Get it from WinAce.com

3) Once you unzip the .ace archive there is the mod folder and "d_unlockedheroes.xml". The .xml file will enable you to have 12 specialists in DS instead of 5. The .xml file will overwrite your existing "d_unlockedheroes file".

That's it, have fun.... :o=

Oh, Cuchillo I'm just going to get a close screenie of Tomulus's gear now.

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It would appear that there may be something wrong with the archive....

The mod appears to be ok. The readme says "corrupt archive" when u try to open it. The archive is being checked now (and the mod too).

[EDIT] The archive (and mod) has been checked. Everything is ok.

Edited by -[NCM]- .:Nightmare:.
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Hey.!!Anightmare did u get that close screenie of Tomulo's Gear? :ph34r: Thanks.


Holding Position

4 M.P.Stealth

P.D. We need a "Cool Winter Volcanic MAp",With a" MILITAR FACILITY",and a Cool "Winter M>P>.Stealth GEAR!!"Just to STORM the Facility that LIES underground the VOLCANO,with a CALM but DEADLY Ravine,with some ruins across the river of a BOMB TOWN.:) well i got the design in paper.LOL.I like it.

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