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Need grid maps

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Are there any grid maps for GR/DS/IT that can be used online and offline without the server/host having it installed?

What I'm asking is, does anyone know where there are grid maps for the above three games that can be used online without everyone needing them to play on the server?

Any reply is welcomed, maybe a few links can be more helpful.....

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The Supergrids mod is very nice but everyone especially the host server must

be running it, which isn't often.

The anti-cheat mods like Kidbuster will read any changes to the original, mp1, mp2 maps like using Flava 1.4 grids---as a cheat program! Kidbuster will block you from joining that server using any altered files.

The only solution is to force a grid mod from the server that everyone must use like Supergrids(which leaves out FB).

Of course this applies to multiplayer only. :ph34r:

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Ok, I was asking because over at WOLF Servers we are looking for some grid maps for the WOLF Clash.

Much like the mods being used, everyone would have it/them.

I for one, am (me write good har har) tired of saying over Team Speak- "To your right, next to the rock!" "No No NO! More to the right! Now you passed him! LEFT LEFT!!

IIRC Wade released the ones from FL-AVA as a seperate mod/dl.

What is the name of it and where to I download it from? I looked through the GR.Net download section about 3 times now and can only find cmgrm.zip and drunken bobs grid maps.

I know alot of people consider grid maps cheating and alot of peope consider Team Speak/Roger Wilco cheating as well.

As long as its not actual "cheats" (FSNV,SIFF,SE,LoS,etc) I dont see the real threat, unless its not prohibited in a tournment/ladder.

*I am aware of my dangerously high post count, thats why I am asking so many questions.*


BTW, thanks for the replies people of GR.Net :lol:

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