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ok... i wanted to get a lil wierd and make a mod with some really unrealistc weapons just for fun. the deal is i modified the missle.prj file to wear the damage raidus is 20000, the kill coefficent is 5 and the intial velocity is 15. for thoughs of u who know what im talking about, this will anyone on any map as long as u can see the missle hit its object. the problem i have is.. how do i make it go through walls. not only walls but buildings. i want this thing to kill half the map no matter where it hits. if u fire the thing in mbc and hit the bank, i want it to kill everyone in the bank, garage and alley. can this be done or is it even possible?

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omg... COME ON PEOPLE.... i know that there has to be someone out there who knows about this ######. come on.

if you are asking for help that's not the right way to go about it.

by swearing you are breaking the forum rules. Please avoid doing that in the future.


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The damage through walls effect is only achieved in just one direction, and thus, every enemy on the map have to be perfectly aligned....

No, something that is just a bit more fun is a weapon that fires 11 or so AT4 projectiles per shot... :o=

Thats a Knucklebuster!

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What about using the directional cone of a super wide spread, front & backblast? Set the directional front at 0.1m starting width, and a far width of like 7km at 50m. Use a spread like that on front & back and there would only be a sliver of safety out to the sides, like a butterfly-yoyo of destruction.

Would that do the trick?

Oh, wait... then some guy 30m infront but 200m to the side will get plowed, giving the blast an effective range of well over the desired 50-100m. :huh:

Nevermind :P

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