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A "quick move" command in the first-person UI?

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Hi there! Long time GR fan here playing it to this day.

I just discovered that a console version of the game (PS2 or Xbox, can't remember) has a "quick move" command in the first-person interface, like contemporary titles. This is the sole thing I miss from the original PC game - I love the overhead command map, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it feels cumbersome. 


Is there a mod for implementing such a feature on PC?


P.S: actually, I also miss smoke grenades from the game. Think it was a grave absence considering the game's theme. If anyone knows of a mod that puts it in, lemme know too.

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On 05/07/2022 at 13:14, ajitesh said:

HX5 and Heroes Unleashed has smoke grenades .

In HU I never managed to actually throw them, though - when I use it my soldier puts it at the ground like a c4 an then smoke starts spreading. Is there a way to throw it that I'm missing?


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In HU, smoke is a handheld item like a demo charge. There are several in the HU/equip folder and the extension is .itm these files open with notepad

Smoke could be throwable but a new file would have to be created. Not sure if it can remain an .itm file or needs to be a .prj file

I'm guessing here, that the line     <IsDirectional>FALSE</IsDirectional>  determines if it is throwable
And I don't know how to determine the max distance it can be thrown.

Smoke is only effective in PVP. In Co-op or SP the AI can see through the smoke.

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