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HU - Difficulty question


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Hi! I'm playing Heroes Unleashed now (with it's "Legacy" submod) and I'm torn about an aspect.

See, I love the reinforcement trucks arriving on the battlefield. They shake up the gameplay, making things more dynamic. BUT they seem to only appear on medium difficulty (Realistic) which for it's part places SO many enemy soldiers on missions it makes levels feel crowded. I prefer the easiest difficulty (Sandbox) in this respect.

So, is there a way to have those trucks arriving (like in medium diff) but with the lesser number of enemy troops (as in easiest diff)? In other words, striking a balance between the two? Some file where I can change that?



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As Wombat said, you would need to re-script the mission in Igor.

Two ways:

One, find where the trigger is for the trucks and change the script - which, I'm presuming would contain the following :

Continue executing responses if (The campaign difficulty is set to Normal) (a ContinueIF statement) Normal (IgorSpeak for 'Realistic), and change the query to DifficultyEasy.

Or, and easier to script, you reduce the number of enemy troops that appear at the 'Realistic' level - where, in Igor, you click on every Enemy Actor (Right hand column), and go to the very bottom where you find Easy | Normal | Hard check boxes - any Actors that are checked for Easy and Normal (maybe Hard as well), uncheck the Normal so they no longer appear under 'Realistic.' but the trucks still will.

The former is better scripting, the latter more pragmatic.


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