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Mod Downloads 2022 - Update

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When we first started what has become the biggest  Ghost Recon mod collection ever, the internet was a different place with different services. The services we used for mod downloads collapsed over the years (Filefront, Gamefront and others I can't recall) so on a few occasions we had to reupload every single mod to a new location to keep the mods online.

More recently we relied on two file storage services, Godaddy's Sharefolder and Mediafire.

Godaddy's sharefolder became really unreliable so we cancelled our membership there and now use only Mediafire. This means that some of the mod download links are broken. If a mod has a mediafire link, it will download - if it still has a Sharefolder link, it will just give an error message.

Whenever someone reports that a file is not downloading, I go in and upload the file to Mediafire and update the link so that it is working again. So, it's a 50/50 chance selected mods will download at the moment!

TLDR - Some mod links are broken and some work. We are fixing as we go.



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I have used the "Report Broken Link" button several times in the D/L section and Rocky and staff always repair them in a timely manner.
Thanks ghostrecon.net  👍👍

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Haha, you might be surprised by the amount of emails I get notifying me of broken downloads - but the return email address is fake! So I cant reply and let them know its fixed.

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