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GRCM 1.0


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Hey guys

As you can see this thing is going to start pick up. I'm asking if yall would like to donate a couple missions for the modders explansion pack. Yall would be the key point in this mod. What is an expansion pack with out a new campain? If yall could come up with some thing and post it here. Alll ideas are welcome. Its going to be a modders expansion pack so that we can show what the modders of ghost recon can really do!!

Thank you for your time


P.S. rocky sorry about the multi post. Just want to get the info out before I leave on monday for the great sandbox

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Hey, Jepetto is the new project lead on this one guys. 300Mag is letting him be that so he would have more time in other areas. As for missions, it would be nice if we could include at least one or two maps to do some new missions for.

I mean, look at dagrm4.8 they have maps in that mod as well. Couldn't we fit one or two maps in the mod so we can have some exciting new missions? Instead of just missions on known terrain. But of course we need missions for the old terrain as well.

Do some assault, assassination, some sniper missions, some swat missions, the coolest you can think of.

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