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now that in my new home the local comm company is laying down some DSL lines in the not too distant future The American Civil War mod is back on track

I've got a new hard drive so im going to have to get a NEW copy of [Ghost Recon] -.- (friend stole my old one.... bunghole) anyways anyone interested in joining (preferably american.... REALLY?!?!?! nah it is open to brits, german, but im not sure they would knwo much about the American civil war but hey i guess it would be the americans obligation to tell them about what happened in the conflict) anyways i'm looking for people to help out

any help would be good

JUST don't make me start quoting my FMJ!!!

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Hey Gunny

I would be happy to help I dont have 3dsmax but I can make missions

If you want me

Also I'm pretty good at history and I know alot about the civil war

And I got some books with maps of all the battles in them

email: fighter_02_06@yahoo.com

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I suggest you do some research. Someone is bound to find any historical flaws you may have. Maybe for each mission you base it on a real war event, but work a Spec Ops team into it somehow. :)

GL to ya mate.

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That is why you should be snipers

or doing some behind enemy lines stuf like rescuing hostages from Andersonville

or if you are from the south you can make raid like stewarts calvary did

or If you are from the north you can make raids on coastal cities and try to destroy Iron Clads like at Hampton Roads or something

So many Ideas

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