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[GBR] What will happen when Ubisoft shuts down the servers?

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Hello everybody,

Today I found myself thinking: when Ubisoft shuts down the servers for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, will we - consumers - simply no longer be able to log in to play it?

I don't know if this will be the "rule of gamistic modernity", but I don't like having paid for a game that I simply - after a while - can't play it anymore because the company made it 100% online, and even when I want to play alone (or "offline") I can't.

I don't know about you, but I don't like it a lot! 😞



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I think the game's 'servers' in the more colloquial sense are sperate to the game validation servers which is part of the Uplay service, I believe. So provided Uplay is still connected, the game will still be playable, albeit in single player. 


Quick way of testing I guess is to block internet access from the game .exe in windows firewall but keep Uplay open and connected, if the game runs, then it will be fine when the gameplay servers go offline. 

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Thanks for the feedback, it really makes sense what you said! Hoping we can continue playing (even if in singleplayer) Breakpoint.

Thank you very much!


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