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MHX MapSize Gold

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MHX Map Size: This version scales depending on the map size. Anywhere from around 37-130. Particularly good for the larger GR maps.


Chopper, tent, and vehicle models were replaced with Radio antennae models. Removing obstacles of vision and increasing immersion.  


Uniformity in the Opfor

Now you can choose the type of enemy force that goes with the map (MHX Map Size DS, MHX Map Size GR, or MHX Map Size IT). This is one large immersion enhancement. The enemy will look like a single expansion type. Looking at you Frostbite. :)


Secure objectives now include UAV Thermal Scan

Press the Map Mode key (Tab) for UAV support over the Secure Objectives, when within 100m range of the Objective. Includes a 60 second 'refueling' cool down. Also an enemy count.

*This is the server Host's responsibility.


Claymore disarming and Demo placement at Objectives no longer require Demo Specialists.


This is GRAW inspired. Also because the GR kit options are already limited to 2, the missions play much better. Press the Map Mode key (Tab) to disarm claymores. This is the Host's job, to give the order to disarm. Press the Tab key when another Ghost is near the clay (Player or AI).

Random Clay Disarming failure included (hit the Tab key multiple times if you want to avoid this option).

Demo Charge Placement:

Press any of the 3 ROE keys (7, 8, or 9) several times, to prepare & set, the Demo Charge at the Objective. When the charge is armed, a warning sounding begins--an intermittent beep, for any nearby units. (a great addition for coop, single lesson learning hehe)

*This is Platoon Leader dependant.

ScreenShot26 -0

Not actual gameplay footage. haha


POW Rescue replaced by Capture of enemy Commander.  

This is a challenging Objective that requires Reconnaissance. One of the best additions of this version.

The Commander will carry a PKM, which can be recognized by the bi-pod position at mid-barrel and the Wood on the weapon.

Kill the commander's squad and he will drop his weapon and surrender. They will be in the vicinity of the Objective marker (100m).



This one took some 9mm in the belly, coming around the 'wrong' corner as I ran around a building in pursuit of an enemy.5


When you have 2 (still alive) on the way to Extraction, it's a particularly good day. :)


Objective types are now described by color for sake of ease.

Gold = Capture

Blue = Recon

Red = Secure

White = Demo


Intel at Recon and Capture removed.

For enhanced immersion.


At Extraction, smoke is popped after arrival, and one Ghost is enough to initiate the 'Mission Complete'.



It was Skyclad who created the improvements.

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