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Specialists Platoon in Multiplayer-SP

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Platoon Hero in Multiplayer-SP.jpg

Playing with AI Backup can be great. Especially if you activate just the right number of respawns with them. But, it can also be fun & even more intense to play SP.

Doing this with the Specialists is even better. Being able to choose your loadout and have it fixed, so that you can get right into the game from the start is awesome. Also, restarting missions, or moving onto the next one and being able to skip the process of Repicking your fireteams is sweet.

I've created a mod that allows for the Specialists to be selected and made some files of Platoon Loadouts that has each Specialist with their kits as in campaign. It's very cool. I have 3 loadouts for the GR, DS, and IT expansions.

Playing with the characters regularly is pretty fun. Each one has been developing a bit of a personality and a history of experiences. To be honest, their's a bit of banter that's kind of hilarious.

It's quite different from the GR Regulars.


Only certain Specialists can be utilized per each expansion. So, when you select the maps, you have to match up your Platoon Loadout with where you're playing. Other than that, it's just so nice to not have to pick the loadouts and the Specialist skins are quite unique.


I play Mission HX--random mission generator, almost exclusively. For the intensity and challenge. The freshness is so good, there is no memorization, no quicksave whoring; nothing to make the gameplay feel stale. I've also went through every map of the Gold Edition, and moved the Objectives and enemy placements, to maximize the defensive potential of each map.


Ahem, I didn't stop there, I went through the enemy kit loadouts and inserted each of the Opfor weapons, so that all of them would be seen being used by the enemy, including sniper rifles. But, best of all I gave them some AT4 primaries like you might have seen in Centcom.

I also tweaked some weapon zoom settings of the Gold kits to make it easier on the eyes. 

Platoon Hero in Multiplayer-SP 2.jpg

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Nice. We play a lot of HX gametypes but not Mission HX, at least not yet.
I tried the coop-avatar.toe and got it working. I will probably have some more questions after playing it more.


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