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The Impossible

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Unlikely to ever be achieved again, by any human being, including myself.

At Insertion, 114 enemies with 41 enemy fireteams. I never thought I would make it further than even a quarter of the map. Over half of the enemy forces equipped with AT4 primaries. I expected Doom, and rightfully so. It was well that I had my IT Specialist squad, well equipped.

High Sierra Map Size C2.jpg

Still, I thought I was dead meat. :) Anyway, a ton shooting & scooting. Full use of the MM1, OICW, and the Sensors. Unfortunately Jack Stone took a rocket to the forehead before firing a shot. :(


So, all the time, I was ready and not ready to die....Mostly wanting to get as many of them, and as far as I could. You don't know how many times I've been spawning in and getting ed up, right off the bat. Going into the Jaguar Maze, I wasn't expecting much different.


You know when you have an active waypoint, and your squad member following gets stuck on a corner? (only happens with a pair, not 3)

Well, it turns out that you can actively use this "bug", to split your squads. I've been using it for the past few years. I lost the 2 on Charlie near the beginning. Then went through the Maze for the rest of the map with my squads split. Finishing this map with 6 Ghosts on SP (without respawns), would have been impossible otherwise.


Here's how it works. You stop at a corner and go Advance at all Costs, then put a waypoint somewhere, you run around the corner or boulder until the guy behind gets stuck. But, most often, you switch to the guy and run him backwards (because they are generally decent about avoiding getting stuck when they're close to you). You can watch the map while you're running to see when/if the other team member stops. (I moved Page up/down to Y & U keys, to be able to switch with ease.)


The key is, when you want to switch from that squad, you have to put them on Hold, so they don't go for the waypoint. When you switch back to them from another squad, you have to put them on Advance at all Costs again, because the waypoint order will be removed if you advance while you're still on Hold.


Squad splitting is such a game changer, it's hard to describe. To be able to have one Ghost on point, you can count on more stealth, and take more risks when it comes to Reconnaissance. Dying in single file is far superior to doing it in pairs! haha

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A week before, I had a very similarly crazy mission. It was in the Swamp with the GR Specialists.

I can't tell you how many times I've been there and got my ass handed to me. But, this day was a bit different. Once again, I was shooting and scooting; taking the time to perform the Recon in single file as much as possible. While setting up traps for pursuers, with my buddies watching my back. (For whenever I needed to fall back.)

There was a ton of close calls; flanks that I just countered with my preparations and proper squad formations. I exercised my full tactical skill to secure the mission on this one.


I've never before finished a Mission HX mission with all the Ghosts alive and Healthy. I don't expect to do it again anytime soon. hehe 


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