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Looking to buy GR Wildlands, is the game optimization any good?

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I remember back when the game was released, everyone kept saying how the game was unoptimized and they can't get solid 60 FPS, and everyone was hovering around 50-72 FPS range, especially the folk who had a GTX 1070 or 1080.

Now, in 2022, I'm wondering if the game optimization is still the same and if it's possible to get 60+ FPS on Medium-High settings without having a high-end PC today?

I have GTX 980 Ti, and i5 4670k @stock speeds, would I be able to run the game at a steady 60 FPS @1440p?

I was hoping Nvidia would have released one of their handy graphics guides for this game where they do in-depth testing for each graphics settings so I can figure out which settings to enable/disable, and which ones are unoptimized that users can safely disable/lower them to improve performance. Unfortunately, since they didn't do that, does anyone know of a decent breakdown of the performance of each setting?

The only professional guide/breakdown that I found was on the ASUS ROG forums and it seems to focus only on 4K resolution and with modern GPUs.

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With that card you should be able to run Wildlands and it will still look stunning at 1920x1080. Anything higher than that might struggle.

You might need to tweak a few settings, but that's normal PC gaming ;o)


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