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C$K British Commandos


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Name: C$K British Commandos

Size: 48 MB

Type: Equipment Mod

Developer: spider C$K

Requirements: None


Reviewed by Suicide Commando


There have been several modifications in the Ghost Recon community dedicated to the brave men and women of the British Armed Services, most of which are quite well done and include the SAS Equipment Mod by El Patricio and Pyro_Monty, British Royal Marines by Sixpence and several skins included in BajaBravo?s Sabre Teams. This is just the short list of what is available to the Ghost Recon gaming community.

So you might be asking yourself, ?do I really need yet another British based mod?? My answer would be a resounding ?affirmative!? This is arguably one of the most impressive total conversions yet produced for Ghost Recon, all of which was done by a single individual. In a nutshell the mod swaps the elite U.S. Army Special Forces unit, the Ghost?s, for the equally famed, real world, battle tested Royal Marine Commandos. They come fully decked out in contemporary garb and are equally well equipped for engaging any foe the unit might be tasked to destroy.


It is said that a mod is only as good as the sum of its parts. If this is truly the case then spider c$k definitely has put together a mod that?ll just about please even the most critical mod connoisseur.


This is by far the most impressive component of the mod. It is very evident that spider did his homework, as his RMC?s are picture perfect. Characters that surpass RSE?s original models have now replaced each and every regular and specialist. One excellent feature that adds to the variety is that spider created numerous attachments, which vary for the individual actors. Basically this equates to not having two of the same character. One example might be that one will have a helmet and Bowen PRR, while the next on the roster could be sporting a beret with helmet slung. Additionally every character has regular, desert and jungle fatigues and/or webbing/body armour to take full advantage of all mission packs.


Spider likewise has the full gamut of British small arms represented for the mod. These include the infamous SA80, L96, GPMG, Minimi LMG and Para model, NLAW anti-tank, etc. To be perfectly honest they are not as pretty as those from Earl?s Standard Upgrade or the DTD teams, but are at least as good as those that shipped with the game. The weapons are also of a fairly low polygon count, a godsend to those with slower computers or aging video cards.

The Rest

Additionally two new videos are included for even more aural stimulation. For those multiplayer buffs optimized character models were included to decrease lag and increase frame rates. One feature that I?ve never seen before was that all medals awarded during the single-player campaign have been swapped for ones given out by British officials. Quite an interesting little nuance that adds to the overall package. Spider even went so far as creating his own rendition of RSE?s box art, which, of course feature the Commandos.


The mod has gone through several stages of development. Due to this the mod is invariably free of errors, at least obvious ones. This fact is also a testament to spider?s will in creating as perfect an end product as possible.


As you can tell from the review, I was really impressed with this mod and would highly recommend it to anyone. Two more expansion are planned for release at a later date. The first will be an SBS CQB specialist add-on and the second will include various vehicles deployed concurrently with the unit.

In summation this a fine testament to those whom have, in the past, and are currently making sacrifices for their country in one of the most elite units on the face of the planet.

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Any chance this mod will be on fileplanet soon? Fileshack seems to be a major pain in the a.. for me. The skins look awesome and I really like what he's done with the L96 sniper rifle. Nice work spider! ;)

-edit- Thanks Rocky that'll do nicely!

Edited by Sgt. Slaughter
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I presume that equipment mods like these can be used in conjunction with campaign mods like Saving Pilot Ryan?

Yes - Just play the mission in either quick or campaign and you will have the things from the commandos mod :)

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