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X-box desert Missions


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Alright then, I'm looking for a bit of advice... My copy of GR on the X-box says that there are additional desert missions in the game but I can't get access to them, what do I need to do?

I have completed the campaign and have done about 20 of the unlockable missions...

If anyone know what I need to do, I'd appreciate your help...



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Yeah mate, I've tried that. Looked everywhere... It's the xbox version, I cant find any reference within the game itself to these extra missions... I only have the 15 maps from the campaign available in quick mission... Thanks anyway, it's just annoying that i think i should have some extra missions to do.

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I was annoyed for weeks about not being able to find the desert maps until I realised or at least I think the desert maps are only supported by on line play, so they are there on the game, but only available when you play the x box version on x box live. But that's only what I think, or maybe tell myself because the truth would hurt to much.


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hi, i didnt know there were desert mission till i went n played my m8s GR he has on PS2, he used a cheat to unlock the missions (and everything else) cuz him like me dosent like single player anything, i aint having a dig at anyone but i think it is slightly anti social and why sit on your own all day playing computer games when u could be with some m8s or a gal.

so we looked on the net for a similar cheat for xbox but couldnt find one :(

anywhere where he had 'unlocked' the maps they were in multiplayer, and if u press left when you are selecting the maps they were there and all kick ass.

i suppose o nxbox u need to do the 50 things to unlock them but when serching for that cheat i found a site saying what u unlock with all those 50 things and only mentioned maps such as creekbed, no desert ones. anyway we are off to take it in turns on live, shoot some baddies :o=:devil:

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