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The things that I see as most important when I'm sniping are:

Cover : No matter how well you may be concealed in that clump of grass, if they see you, and shoot at you, your a sitting duck. A rock or a wall is always nice.

Avoiding being seen: 2 Main things: Try not to move your rifle too much. Stay as least-zoomed-in as is sensible.

Your muzzle flash will give you away, big time. If there are multiple targets, take out the one looking most in your direction first. If your flash does get seen, you better have some solid cover. :)

Take a shot as soon as you can realistically make it. Too many times I have let ememise slip by trying to line up that perfect headshot, when a shot to the torso or upper body will do the trick. Most sniper rifles are of the heavier 7.62mm varieties, which have plenty of power to take the enemy down with just one body shot.

Know good spots and how long it takes to get there from your spawn. Theres nothing worse then being gunned down while running to a spot. Also,

If possible, avoid assaulting the enemy. A sniper, even with a pistol or a semi-auto rifle, has no chance in close combat. Let your team move up, and give them support from behind.

Thats the few main things that I've picked up from sniping over the past year or so. Its probably all been said in the above articles, but this is just my 2 cents.



PS. My first post here. Hi :)

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what i do:

- take silenced weapon, (or netted)

- find good position, good view, and camo.

- after killing an enemy or two, (make sure its clear) change postion, to confuse the enemy. :huh:

- when moving short distances crawl, to keep aim (always ready to fire), and visibility down.

- Desert ghulie blends in well, in desert surroundings, just find a shadow behind a rock. :ph34r:

- check map frequently

- always know where team members are.

- one shot one kill...... :devil:

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