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Twenty Years of Ghost Recon - some memories and some prizes!

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Woody2000 is still online! 😄 I was a global moderator there helping woody in the good old days haha.

I have great memories of Sunraa at ghostaholic.com too, helped me and lightspeed when developing Sniper Team mod at their forums.

And of course the best source of all, gr.net and Rocky that have kept GR mod scene alive for decades.



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15 hours ago, Lightspeed said:

play a board game called Memoir 44

Looks cool. 

I was playing hundreds of hours in e-racing with ACC. Going to get back into it next week.

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I always meant to put a list together like that. What’s also interesting is the number of unrelated but big-hitter sites that have disappeared while we have managed to stay online for over twenty years.  Even some corners of Ubisofts site head to dead end with old content long gone. When Ubisoft upgraded their discussion forums recently they wiped out years of discussions and started again from scratch! I spent many sleepless nights fighting with SQL databases years ago to prevent that from happening here  too big a job for Ubisoft apparently.  

There are some ghost recon sites that remain though. There’s the mod archive at woodys that deserves recognition for staying online and there’s a couple of clan sites that keep their site open every year when domain name renewal comes around, credit to them too. 

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There aren't many games as old as Ghost Recon that have Fan Sites as long standing as GhostRecon.net -- and those are based more on nostalgia than a game that is still compelling over twenty years later. Even though by today's standards Ghost Recon looks rough and lumpy, once in -- it still oozes atmosphere, with art assets, music and sound design that consistent and congruent in way that they'll pull you in. Players new to the game discover this, then features, and an approach to game design that hasn't been surpassed or even approached in any realism game since, and then they get it -- the bug, and then they try some mods, discover this site, or a mods on Mod Db and post about their gushing enthusiasm for the new old game.

It's great fun to see that when it happens and some even drag their friends along...

Two decades in, I don't know if Ghost Recon would be as good "remastered" -- something definitive would likely be changed, I'm not suggesting it might not be a good game -- but some of the constraints RSE was confronted with forced very thoughtful, intelligent, and well-engineered design decisions, that might not be as focused, cohesive, or impressive, and it goes without saying if something good can be broken or otherwise screwed up, Ubisoft will be there maximizing exactly that. Given proper attention to what Fans were asking for around the time of Ghost Recon 2, and Ubisoft could easily have had a success on their hands that surpassed Battlefield and COD.

On a similar track, I was at one point wondering why Ubisoft had not put all the Ghost Recon expansions on Uplay, and wishing they would to make the game more accessible. As well they could easily integrate the features of the old Mplay server browser in Uplay (it's code a 12 year old could do in an afternoon), but that would never happen as having twenty-year-old acquired ip, with more people playing it than their most recent multi-million-dollar crash and burn atrocity would be simply unacceptable, and of course the game portrays politically unacceptable content, so will likely have to be removed from Uplay at some point anyway... Fortunately, Ghost Recon, and all the expansion are still available on Steam, and hopefully due to obscurity and luck stay there indefinitely as even at full boat price they're a bargain and not just classics but a high water mark in game design history!

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