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Ubisoft now the most hated gaming brand on the planet

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Hello guys!

Well, here in Brazil Ubisoft is in bad shape... and apparently, not only here!

I don't know what marketing people think at the company, but if we take the 3 core franchises of Tom Clancy's series (GR / R6 and Splinter Cell) they just screwed up a lot...and it looks like they STILL DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE COMMUNITY! The reaction of social media today is practically instantaneous, so there's no excuse for not producing something the audience wants/would like to play!

The DELTA project looks like it wasn't "so" good, after all, the community says what they would like to play and they present something like GR Frontline...joke!

Either they understand what their audience wants (especially about the Tom Clancy's franchise) or they're going to be in more trouble.


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Ubisoft is a "Woke" company now, has been for some years; they understand what the Clancy franchise audience wants, too well, they just don't care; they are on-board and being munerated handsomely to press the "Woke Agenda" which is part of ESG, and will be penalized for not going with the program.

That means no game can contain any content that may offend anyone for any reason no matter how subjective if it can be litigated; if you think that's a reach this even extends to color palates used in games.

Under ESG, games must primarily embrace and convey themes of "inclusiveness and diversity" -- historic accuracy, realistic depictions of anything that can be felt by anyone, under any circumstances, including extreme psychosis to obviate any of the aforesaid can and will not be tolerated or allowed.

You'll never see another tactical realism game from Ubisoft again, ever -- where tactical realism is described or defined as game design where realistic depiction and use of tactics to achieve realistic military objectives are portrayed. Ubisoft has promised and is committed to "Woke" social justice outcomes at all fronts.

Welcome to the world of Harrison Bergeron...

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