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I've tried to remain positive but Frontline was the straw...

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Here's the thing, they have delayed the release of the beta - but what are they going to do now?

They most certainly have not delayed the beta so they can fine tune it to make it the best "player experience", because they have been working on it for 3 years!

So what are they doing? 

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On 15/10/2021 at 05:05, Koelshooter said:

So nothing changed at Ubi. Guys, you might want to check Zero Hour instead.

Nice to be home again btw. Ultimate website!

Ground Branch is pretty good too. I prefer it over Zero Hour.

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I've never wanted to be as wrong about a company or game product franchise as this; but since Ghost Recon 2 being pulled, everything accelerated to where we find things now -- and there has been little sign Ubisoft has any intention of redeeming the 'Ghost Recon', 'Tom Clancy', or 'R6' IP, to anything other than a sophomoric parody of what these games were.

Never has so much been squandered; Ubisoft had it all: enormously successful brilliantly crafted IP, enthusiastic talented Developers, an enormous equally talented Fan base that created an unsurpassed volume of content in the form of fan sites, and mods (almost every country had at least one native language fan site) more in fact than any other game before or since (old GameSpot had an article about this).

It's sad, and sadder still that none of this is a surprise. But the good news is Tactical Realism Fans and their money will go where they're treated best; it may take a while but as other point out indie titles like Ground Branch, Insurgency, Operation: Harsh Doorstop, Ready Or Not, Zero Hour, Escape From Tarkov, Caliber, Squad, and dozens more have committed talented people many that took inspiration from RSE IP working hard -- and many will raise the bar in new and compelling game design.

Best of all Ghost Recon remains evergreen -- a playable high-water mark in Tactical Realism game design with features that remain unsurpassed for over two decades, and mountains of brilliant mod content that will continue to compel, immerse, and thrill people that are wondering: 'why didn't someone make a realism game with features like...' only to discover someone did, did it really well, and even provided means to add new design, content and features...

Ghost Recon isn't dead, it's just taking a nap... Anyone can wake it up any time and have an amazing adventure!

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The only thing I liked about the video was how overly enthusiastic the dev's were about the release - so much so that I gave off a little chuckle.  The clip almost had me feeling like a 12 year old lad that was about to play my first FPS game, but then reality kicked in and I remembered that I am well past my sell by date and this type of game isn't for me.

So the game really will drop heavy loads from a helicopter?  

Ultimately I just want a good shooter game to play that offers the option of some tactical thought along the way - doesn't seem much to ask.

Weird how they wouldn't remaster the original series of GR... plenty of people would buy it, surely?  Hearing the game is now on-hold... doesn't sound good for the team.

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