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Question regarding coop in Heroes Unleashed.

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Hey y'all. Pretty new to the Heroes Unleashed mod here. Maybe a weird question, but I'm a little confused about the multiplayer potential with this mod. I wanted to play through the main 300 or so missions in coop with a friend of mine, but it seems like this isn't possible. Would it be accurate to say that this is the case, and that no such coop type game mode exists? I did see a "coop" option, but it had a ton of different settings, and it seemed like none of them gave access to the first mission of the game or whatever in the traditional way, with selecting soldiers/starting in the same starting point. I may be missing something though, haven't experimented much.

Pardon the stupidity, just wanted to play some of this with a mate, slowly sneaking through, taking out enemies, accomplishing objectives in a huge array of missions, together, but it seems like that hope may be have been for naught.

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I can't get it to post pics so I have supplied links for Player Setup Screen and Server Setup Screen.
I probably have forgotten how. 😃

Player Setup Screen

Press Edit Server to go to the Server Setup Screen.


Server Setup Screen
It is on the Gameplay Tab in the above pic. There are other Tabs for: Map, Respawn etc.
-Starting with Game Mode set it to CO-OP
-Going down the page set TYPE to Mission to play "missions" If you scroll through the other types they will be GTFs such as Firefights, Defends etc.
-Available Kits are the type of weapons and characters you wish to use as a player

Go to the tabs at the top of the screen and choose Map. I think all  the HU missions start with a 3-digit number such as 002. At some point in the list the original missions end and there are missions for all the custom maps(community made). These are template missions where the objectives vary from demo targets, rescue hostages, capture an enemy etc.

Choose number of respawns from the Respawn tab. You  can play with respawns or play with AI Backup(gameplay tab) but you can  not play with both.

There are PDF manuals in the Ghost Recon folder that probably explain this better. HU also has a manual on the features in the mod in the main folder  called OPERATORS MANUAL.HTML


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Interesting. I took a look, and that's certainly pretty close to what I was hoping for! I did actually have a look through that manual before, but had some trouble finding a simple confirmation of a few things, considering that it didn't seem to explain what changes would occur from selecting the same mission in COOP vs single player, with the briefing and all. You've helped clear it up a bit. Thank you!

Sadly, upon getting this to work, and going back into the operators manual, I did find this unfortunate little bit of news.

"When playing multiplayer missions, the server may abort launching a game if a player is not equipped with the demo charges or antitank weapons required to complete the mission.  This also happens when any of the AI backup characters have the required weapons equipped, as the server unfortunately does not take their kits into account when it checks for mission requirements.  This seems impossible to fix through soft modding and limits the effectiveness of potential changes to AI backup equipment in mods."

Well that sucks! So if any mission has requirements for those types of weapons, at least one person (either myself or my friend) would need to equip it ourselves, and that there's no way for us to actually select what equipment AI soldiers take with them if we want Reinforcements.

I suppose the best workaround for this would be to pick maps where demolition isn't required (or just dealing with it and both picking Demo), and maybe instead of having AI teammates to command, we just have a few respawns each?

Any idea how much people work around this sort of thing, or is what I'm saying pretty much how things go with this issue?

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Yes, it is either re-equip with the needed kit or play another mission without that requirement.
As the manual says, AI backup kits are not counted by the server.

The main difference between SP and MP missions are cinematics(cut scenes) and helicopters don't work well if at all in MP so those are not included in MP missions.

Good luck mate.


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