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Has the game become a decent GR game now?

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If you flip the right switches in the settings and ignore the silly AI chatter you can immerse yourself in a totally different game than it was when it came out.

I played all the beta and could not be convinced to play a gearscore looter GR (I like it in TD2 though) but now I got the Ultimate edition on sale and kinda diggin it. The team experience is good too when you know how to handle your squad mates. Just set them on hold when you do stealthy stuff ;)  I wish they would have more lively AI on the islands like in TD2 though. It feels a little empty and lifeless compared to WL.

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It's much better now than at release, and actually a good game. It's just not a "good Ghost Recon" (IMO), since it still lacks proper squad functionalities and hardcore mechanics/AI*. 


*Use Spartan Mod on PC to (partially) address the later. 

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