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All server sided mods missions and gametypes for OGR & Expansions


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Hello Everyone ,

I want to make my server have all server sided mods for OGR & Expansions(Desert Siege & Island Thunder ) . After completion of every mod we used to download and install other mods as Now-a-days most of people in our discord server are new and doesnt know much about mods . So I have decided to make my server have all server sided missions& gametypes for Coop & TvsT and give some exposure about mods .

Currently I have these mods - -8days reloaded , 12 weeks , Alpha squad stealth tournament , Advanced Training map , Sight Coop defend pack , Pandora trigger , Ronski DS Sniper Pack , Sniper Missions ,   Neyvns Sniper-Missions ,  Phoenix Soldiers Mission Pack 1 ,  Operation Take Back (Mission Only) ,  Fraggys Server Side mission , GRNET Training Pack , Miracles 7 Missions , LastHope  , Phoenix-Soldiers-Mission-Pack-2 , Assassinate , Guatemala_Mod , Assassination Gametypes .

I have received some positive response from new players about Currently server sided mods I have . So I want to introduce even more server sided mods to them .

I have tried to download all server sided coop mods but some links are broken . We really appreciate if anyone coming forward to help us and let people know about OGR Mods .

Mods we need -  Sniper Training , Tinkers Defend Missions, NGRU 2pt Hardcore 4 , NGRU 2pt Hardcore 5 ,   Operation Take Back (Mission Only)  , Squad Based Tactical Operations (SBTO) , Red Smoke , Jack Rabbit , The Needles Eye , Disavowed , Operation Backlash , Swan Song  , FNG_DRx Server Side map pack (v5 preferred) ,  Bazillion missions , IGS TRR Map Pack , Special Ops TRR , AFZ Co-op Gametypes , Still as Death .

Sorry I asked too many mods . If there are any server sided mod I missed you can upload it too .

Thank you modders .

Long Live OGR


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I put the ones I had in a .zip archive and uploaded it to my Google Drive.
I have not tested any to see if they are server sided. So I'm leaving that up to you.
If they are not server sided, replacing custom .atr's, .kits or vehicles with stock files will usually make them server sided.
I have done this countless times with a text editor. Igor would work but I much prefer a text editor for replacing files.
Additionally, they must use original RSE maps or maps contained in the mods you are using.

Server Sided Mission Pack

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