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Question regarding the Heroes Unleashed mod.

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Just started playing the mod, beat like 3 missions, and I just wanted ask something.

Each soldier has like 350 kits or whatever, but it honestly feels like, in a game like this, anything without a scope that can magnify is just straight up inferior. Enemies notice you from so far away and basically instakill with one shot. Like, seriously. It feels like the only options from the kit selection worth picking are the first 10, because at least that primary weapon actually lets you zoom in an exceptional distance, and lets you be able to reliably aim and fire at targets, unlike everything else, where you'd have better luck trying to hit a fly with a dart than trying to aim and hit at the 3 pixels kms off in the distance.

Can I ask, what am I doing wrong here? I know there's no way that this creator of this mod put in all that effort to make so many kits usable only to have 99% of them be worthless comparatively, so I need to know, in what situations would I use the other kits that only have weapons WITHOUT these high powered scopes? I honestly can't really see any meaningful difference between all the various assault rifles (all fire bullets quickly and accurately), so why wouldn't I just pick the option that actually lets me see what I'm shooting? Same applies to all the kits with primary weapons that AREN'T assault rifles. Like, why choose anything with a shotgun/grenade launcher as a primary if I can get it as a secondary and have a far, FAR more generally effective weapon in my primary slot? Everything dies in one shot regardless most of the time, so like, why not always have the primary choice be a weapon that has a higher clip, far more range, and faster firing speed, ESPECIALLY when the other choices can still be taken as secondaries anyway? Heck, the support class as a whole feels kinda useless due to this reason, with no magnification scopes or anything.

Also, is there any way for me to command individual soldiers to go/stay somewhere instead of having them always follow me? Probably not, but figure it was worth asking.

Thank you.

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