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What do you not want in GR2?


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I gotta agree with that, And these guys are supposed to be the cream of the elite! Surely haveing the weapon readied into the should all the time would take 2 secs to get an accurate shot off, And i gotta agree with the engine, It does feel heavy and sumtime clumsy when you walk near a wall and stop, When what you want to do is keep tight into it, It would be nice to see a more faster movement in game to clear rooms ASAP!!! Chargeing about like a trigger happy maniac! :o=:o=:o=

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I would like to see the game be just a tad more realistic. Obviously each character should not be carrying an arsenal. But, each character should carry a basic weapon, any add ons such as M203, Masterkey, etc., and maybe one or two extras. Such as 4 hand grenades or 2 hand grenades, and 2 smoke grenades, or claymore, etc. Again I want to emphasize, you shouldn't be a walking ammo dump, But lets get a little more realistic.

Also I cannot agree more with the postings about tangos getting off hyper accurate shots WHILE STANDING at extreme distances. I could see them opening up on you, and even maybe an extremity or torso hit but a kill on the first shot. That ain't happening.

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I don't think that there should be guns in GR 2. The first one contained just too much violence and shooting and death and stuff and that really isn't necessary to have fun. Why can't the Ghost just sit down with the Georgian Rebels or the Russians or whoever and talk things out. It would be cool if that could be in GR 2 where you can actually have conversation with the bad guys and you are able to sort out your differences and get along.

I don't think that there should be any name calling in the GR 2 either. None of this "Tango" stuff. The bad guys have names or official labels too and it is desrespectful to not use them.

If they leave out the aforementioned items, then I think that what we will have is a good, wholesome, game that the whole family can enjoy.

j/k :rofl:


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i do not want to see anyone being able to run full speed at full zoom... if you run your scope should go back to zero.

and i do not want automatic rifles that are as accurate at long range as the sniper rifles. whats the point of being a sniper if a rifleman with an M4 can be just as good at sniping? :angry:

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I don't want to see the "I'm here!" night vision. It really is a ###### and undermines the need for tactics. This is an issue I wrote in on several months ago when this GR2 was an early rumor. It really IS hard to see the enemy through real NVG's and the game should leave it up to each player to be paying attention. This in turn would reduce the "tards" from running amok and basically playing schoolyard kick-ball with each game.

I'm really sticky on this topic I know but hey...If I'm going to fork over the dough...I should get what I want or near to what I want right? just like you fellas and gals. :(

Final note: The ability to create maps with 3DSMAX should be the same, just map makers pumping up the ploygons and oh...how about more cover and concealment?

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The only thing I don't want is for UBI/RSE to pull an RvS on us.

All the hype, anticipation, publicity for a game that hasn't been out more then 2 months and already has needed more patches then GR since it's release and has yet to be fixed. They also completly destroyed the server admin console's, keep GR the way it is, or as close to it as you can.

I lied, one more thing, I don't want them to remove replays. Hackers can find a way around any anti-cheat program sooner or later, but you can't escape replays and IP checks. It's the best cheat deterent.

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Because you can fail the X objective (like mission 2) if you kill all the baddies before planting the charge. ;)

I did that my first time through the mission, lol.


If you eliminate all resistance, then you should be given all the objectives by default---not fail them! I can think of nothing less realistic than worrying about whether or not to leave an enemy alive so as to continue the mission.

With all due respect to the author of that mod, I suspect that it was an omission in scripting, rather than a plan. :ph34r:

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All been mentioned, but what the hey...

Yes, the amazingly talented enemy sharpshooters who have obviously been traning as snipers since the age of five.

I agree with the drivable vehicle thing. It also annoyed me in Black Hawk Down. If you're playing as soldiers, whether it be Delta Force, Rangers, 10th Mountain, Ghosts... You won't have the skills to fly a damn chopper. Jeeps and cars, yes. I wouldn't mind having the ability to drive around in jeeps etc, but flying choppers is just ridiculous. That's what freakin' chopper sims are for.

I also agree with connie... You should have to complete all your objectives, even after killing everyone. Sometimes it saves time, but has anyone had the problem on Mission 9 (swamp) where you kill everyone before you capture the officer and you don't get the specialist as a result? Grr.

And I hate that these double 'ard SF guys are so crappy at shooting. The reticule pips need to converge much quicker.

Ah, and they'd do well to add some of the mod weapons like Earl's stuff. I had been crying out for an M4+203 for ages, and also an M16 + Frags.

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collision wall glitches. just plain annoying. even though is may be nice to have a high poly or low poly map model for those fancy frame rate boosts. its side effects when collision walls dont match up are just annoying.

no cruddy dead drops like in rvs if your going to use them use them right and dont cut the wrong corners and made tacos out of corpses, skelitons have joint limitations and max has them to, use them. and of coarse less fog. i looked out side the other day and low and behold i could see more than a hundred feet, and i live in the good old "thick" air of L.A.

that about all i could think of.

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No more of the Neo-Nazi, Fourth reich, Boys from Brazil BS we were fed in RvS and SOAF.

We all know where the real guerilla wars are being fought and we want to play like we're there so give us Afghanistan, Iraq, The Philippines and Indonesia, for cryin' out loud!

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:ph34r:*BeAWARE that i may go crazy*:ph34r:

Now,i dont wanna see

-I do not want people controling a apache helicopter or black hawk or space ship

i think you should be able to get in a black hawk in th backwhile someone who picked a pilot class waited for a team to get in or a for a pc controlled ai to drive..

-I do not want a open field with no cover or hills or bunkers:D to hide behind

-I do not want a game having to download a $#|+ load of patchestofix things that dont really matter

If it works dont fix it

-I dont want more being able to glitch up towers or buildings and snipe someone 5,000 yards away with you @ 60 foot altitude

- I dont want more sniping people out of the back of a blackhawk like in black hawk down

-I dont want be jumping around and get cut with a knife or be the one with a knife or pistol and someone jumping and getting a dircet hite with a headshot

I dont want a room full of n00b AI that can kill you through fog thats supposedly thick that you cant see through

-I dont want to look like a sam fisher with my night vision lit up

no more In Game Chat SPAMMERS

-To Have a 1,000$ pc to play it like ravenshield :nono: @ UBI/RSE

-NO more glow in the dark uniforms lit up to where you cant kill anyone else but they can kill you :sheep:

-No more stupid Weapons with no attachments

*I May Not Actually Go Crazy*Please Include a Sig P228 Pistol please*

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Most has been said already but here's my vote:

1) no Medipacks!

2) no Driving around in vehicles, dropzone sequece ok but after that NO!

3) Unrealistc weapons, I love the OICW & SA80 but thats because there miles better than anything else. lets have a more even realistc weapons.

4) the same method of selecting restricted kit (but still keep it realistic)

5) no JUMPING NO NO NO NO NO big no no.

6) no more getting stuck behind a twig because it sticks up more than 2 inches from the ground

7) the night vision needs sorting so what they said.

8) no "call in an Airstrike" wheres the fun in that?

9) no more dum ass A.I. for the ghosts.

10) no more silence about if it's being developed & when it's going to be released.

11) no knife (instead maybe make a sileced pistol a more effective side arm. ie if you shoot a tango in the head from close quarters they die)

12) no radical changes GR is great the way it is & the balance betqween gameplay & realisim is good it's just theres some peski annoying things that need fixing.

there I think that's it.. :unsure: oh no!!! I've missed off the most important thing.

13) NO poxy gun image stuck on the screen!!! :nono:

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What I dont want

A change in game play or game "feeling"

no vehicles

no medpacks

no command console and thier pain in the ass commands as in RvS

no internal voice comms ... let me keep the people I want to hear to MY CHOICE

no knifes

no jumping

no "uber" weapons the oicw and sa 80 were fun .. a total blast but nothing else was used

No unlimited senors the small number of kits they had in its original release were both ballanced and fun the inclusion of a greater number of kits changed the gameplay and balance IMO

Hopefully the guys at RSE have looked at GR and what a wonderfull success it was, realized that it was because of its differences from games like OFP .. Delta Force .. that it had its own style and was great because of that. At the same time I hope that they realize that there are some really good things out there in other games that the inclusion of such might not be a bad thing as well.

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