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Hey everybody! I’ve been modding Ghost Recon for myself for quite awhile but recently haven’t been able to. Long story short my hard drive failed and I lost photoshop and all of my files related to the mods I was working on. Anyways, I’ve recently started to get back into modding since taking a break but I’m forced to use what I can for software. I was curious if anybody had a plug-in that would work with gimp for opening and saving the RSB files. Thanks!

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I'm almost certain there is no RSB plug-in for Gimp.

Maybe Ebay has some older versions of Photoshop for sale, not to be confused with Photoshop Elements or Photoshop manuals.

I know CS2 and CS6 Portable work on Windows 10.

I have a disc version of Photoshop 6 but I don't know if it would work on Windows 10.
If your curious I'll install it to see if it works on Win 10.


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That would be awesome! I know I was using CS2 with an older plug-in before with no issues, but I was also on Windows 7 at the time. I’m hoping to get something working so I can pickup where I left off.

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Install of Photoshop 6 will not initialize on my Windows 10 computer. 😞

I'm using CS2 on my Windows 10 computer if that is any help.

RSB plugin off the Island Thunder disc here
if you find a Photoshop version that loads onto Windows 10.

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Photoshop 7 will work on windows 10. Although kinda glitchy at times and it will fight with photoshop cc if you use that. 

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