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Loop will make them go from the last path point directly back to the first.

Track will make them move back along the path points in the reverse order.

Restart is for when there are numerous Plan Steps and you want them to repeat them all.

The AddZone followed by Patrol is often overlooked as an excellent way to create random enemy appearance, as they will wander around at random within the zone. Additionally you can have multiple patrol zones which, again, they will patrol completely randomly. I don't know if there is a limit to how many you can use but I frequently use a dozen or more.

Cheers, Jack :)

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Also for random patrol:

make Stations and assign them to the patrol platoon.

plan Defence Zone.

They will go to each station and defend it for a while and go randomly to the next station.

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The Defend Zone plan step requires Defence Stations - you will need at least one for each team member that will be using the plan, preferably more. Else they will fight over them :wacko: Normally the plan should also contain some aggressive behaviour steps such as Alertness-Combat and CombatROE-Suppress. If you don't want them to run use a Pace Plan locked to Walk.

Get a hold of the official Advanced Igor Guide which lays all this stuff out quite well.

Cheers, Jack :)

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Guest Mot_73

Hi guys...I'm TOTALLY new at modding, just started last night in fact. Picked a "clear" map and am starting from scratch :huh:

I have the same problem with my platoon sorry, even after reading this it seems I set it up correctly but the dorks still just stand there. Ok..heres what I've done.

Created company, created platoon, created 6 team members set them on the map. while the "platoon" was highlighted, I double clicked plan and it put a plan under my last team member "linked" to my platoon. then with plan highlighted, I selected path and set a path around a vehicle i want patroled.

they stand there and won't walk the path, so I kill them :angry:

What have I missed?

thanks a ton.

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yeah, i began with that mission too :lol:

you have to wait some time before they move, they always make breaks.....


you put the alertness(locked into combat) plan step before the pathplanstep

now they will run

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