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GR2 Characters Port

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Hi all!

Separating this off from GR2 DVDExtras for brevity.

Been working on a model converter as you're all likely aware because I don't shut up about it in that thread.

The GR2 models are almost ready for general release as modder resources for any would-be peeps wanting to rejeuvenate the game. There's also a few little extras and a few model tweaks by myself at the suggestion of @Jack Wachter


some preview renders:





Modified MICH2000 to MICH2001 with IR strobe and counterweight pouch.



- Create universal texture templates for characters

- Fix missing polies

- Set up models into "tactical barbie dolls" with all possible pouches and headgear combinations


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Work begins on adding some of the GR1 Hero characters to the GR2 model set.


Here's a look at Cohen, who started out as Burke's head mesh and texture, but with a couple of geometry and texture tweaks using her old texture for reference, she started to look like our old Massapequan friend. Quick note, kits are by no means final!


A render of the differences between the two, Burke on the left, Cohen on the right.



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First tidbit for peeps to use, I'd rather not hold it up while I fix the original character models

Includes blank "Tactical barbie dolls" which you can set up how you want before porting into the game. Includes male and female versions





file formats compatible with most modern 3D modelling programs (.obj) will need porting into GR to work.

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