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Searching for old VBS1 Free Addons


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Hello Everyone,

I am searching for some older VBS 1 Addons that were available freely downloadable on the vbs resources website a longtime ago. They are listed on the bottom of this page: http://modify-the-game.com/VBS1/ I was recommended to sign up here from another ARMA3 Board called comrade in arms, as they said someone might still have those here.

Here they are in writing again:

  • Delta Force Recon Beta
  • Saboteur Opfor Objective
  • Captive
  • Ground Crew
  • 75th Rangers
  • Camo Faces
  • Tonali Special Forces
  • Devgru Units
  • African Guerilla
  • Desert Special Forces
  • BAS Special Forces 2
  • Ground Surveillance Radar (ADF2)
  • Fast Rope (ADF2) Artillery (ADF2)
  • Toyota Hillux (USARMY1)
  • SOFLAM Operator (ADF2)
  • Radio Operator (ADF2)
  • Rapier Air Defence (ADF2)

BI stopped giving support nowadays even to buying customers, so I am really left on my own I would be supremely grateful if someone still has them for this old game. I have the game with several addon cd's and usb stick but the free addons are missing unfortunately.

Thanks very much in advance

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